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IWB is certainly preferable to pocket carry.    If you're going to carry you need to be able to suck it up on the convenience issues. Carry what's effective, from a stable platform. If that means going a size up on trousers and wearing an untucked shirt when it's hot, so be it. 
  Reposted for emphasis. Beautiful watch.
I'm not entirely sure you understand what that means. In any case, I've been around firearms for a bit longer than Piobaire has, apparently. That experience has made me develop a healthy respect for them. I'm not particularly interested in taking this any further other than saying that certain people are cretins, and they have no business carrying guns in public.
My problem is that when I was growing up and learning to shoot guns, other people around me had the presence of mind to make sure that I knew how to handle guns safely. Part of that is understanding how other guns work. In fact the NRA used to hand out a little leaflet that immediately showed you the difference between revolvers and self-loading pistols. I'm not saying these things need to be backed up with the force of law; in fact, it seems like the more laws that we...
So Walt Mossberg is lying?
Glashutte Original?
I don't see how pointing out a significant reasoning/methodology deficit is being "sassy". If you're going to carry a gun on your person, some basic forethought, discipline, and common sense is required. As a civilian, you have a very limited flight envelope under which you are legally entitled to use that firearm. There is very little if any room for a casual attitude. Assuming that you're actually getting sufficient training, I'm sure you've probably heard about the...
Here's a revolver with a safety catch:     You'll notice it's pretty old. Most revolvers designed since 1892 have some sort of of internal safety mechanism. There are some, say, like Korths, that have safeties. But virtually every modern revolver designed for defensive use today does not have a manual safety.     Some Smith & Wesson revolvers had grip safeties:     These were actually pretty nice, as the grip safety allowed for the trigger to be made with a...
If you have no idea how a certain firearm works, why would you consider carrying it? Have you received any training at all?    If you had any concept whatsoever about how and why handguns are designed you wouldn't have asked those questions. 
FFS. It's not that big. http://cdn2.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/693544/iphone6Plusprintout.0.pdf
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