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Siatica, Gout & Grand Seiko FTW
Now I can post this.
I wish all watch manufactures would do all their dials in Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro.
I assume SB has a reliable expediter?
I don't see a problem with the font, but any reference to where the watch is made should be at the bottom of the dial. Looks like JLC is getting self-conscious. It's like their promo videos where they pronounce the name "Zhey-zher-Lay-Kooltruh!"
I actually like the house, but it does look like it should really be _under_ the water.
So basically you're using this thread to retaliate against posters you don't like. That crosses a line.
I really like that most of the course is made of wood, as it will burn quite easily. 
I've not hade any problems with my Dynamic Flex Craftsmans...
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