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Alright alright alright,... In which case the Stowa Marine Auto polished, and it's heavily discounted now:,showdetail,14114135227207,en,1411414202-12879,marine,marineautdatum,1,Tshowrub--marine,.htm
Looks like I can't upload pics to SF now on my iPad, in either desktop or mobile mode.
This is a funny response, but it's close to the truth. If you scroll back up to the top slowly the control bar and tabs will reappear only when you get back to the very top of the page. If you scroll back up fast, then the bars appear immediately.
Oh Dear.    This impresses me as a variant of the "one watch" question.    From a purely functional perspective I'd have to go with the white metal version of the CWC SBS.     I was just reflecting on how my SBS is actually one of the most accurate watches I own (which is to say in HEQ territory - less than a second every few days, like my Seiko SBCM023), and in terms of functions and looks it hits most of the bells.  It my not hit the bells spectacularly, but it...
 Yes, the bar reappears when you scroll up. Not had it not do so yet. 
 Yes, I don't think it's a bug. I think they're increasing screen real estate for web pages. They also switched around the location of the bookmark and share buttons, which is harmless but odd.  Lots of warnings out there not to install 8 on the iPad 2, as well as any iPhone before the 5. It may be possible, but so was running System 7 on a Mac Plus. Doesn't mean you should do it. 
Gen 5 phones have the same problem. I have flex marks near the volume controls on my 5 from taking the phone in and out of cases.    Generally I don't put my phone in my trouser pockets. The exception is the front welt pockets on my Triple Aught Design Spartan pants but that's a specific design. I see folks put their phones in their back pockets and I wonder why more aren't broken.    Back in the 80's we marveled at LCD calculators that were roughly the size of a...
When in doubt, blame the Irish.
  In other news, iOS8 dictation understands "banh mi sandwich" but not "R&G"
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