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I assume this is MTM? The jacket should've been cut from a larger pattern, it's too tight. Trousers too short.
David does blue very well.
He was demonstrating the camouflage effect.
Have you tried renewing your DHCP lease? If were talking cellular signal, you may simply have to wait until they flush IP, or whatever it is they do.
So we should demand that RM Williams design a boot with a hardshell underneath the leather, perhaps an extension of the plastic toe cap, so that the boots will not crease as we wear them. They must be hard, like ski boots. No, not really.
Yeah, the speedy is pretty much a classic watchnut watch. I'm seriously considering consolidating my watch collection, and even though I don't wear the speedy as often as I'd like, I probably will never get rid of it. It just impresses me as an "important" watch.
Enjoying the great weather.
Restarting a modem or router will also work. I suspect renewing your DHCP lease would as well.
 Actually, what I meant was that this thread was started by enthusiasts who posted pics of their favorite houses. There was no professional snobbery or attacks on commentary which SH considered puerile simply because of his status as an architect. As of now we're left with a lot of knowledge which is spoiled somewhat by SH's personality. You seem to still enjoy the personality part, despite a growing recognition that it's gotten old.  In any case here is an article with...
What, the redirect errors?
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