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Mallees or Blunnies I can see. But most folks here are think Craftsman, Turnout , etc.
Don't do it!
A bit rumpled at the end of the day.
Isn't the Night/Day the same size as the GT? Might be another option.
David: I think perhaps you meant one of these OPs? Speaking of Rolex and the Apple watch: I sat through the entire presentation, and either I've been totally brainwashed, or I've come to the conclusion that Apple has done for the smart watch what Rolex has done for the mechanical wristwatch – and they've done it in a considerably shorter period of time. Whether the smart watch itself as a concept is doable now given limitations in battery technology is another issue...
I'm thinking someone will make an accessory that will allow attachment of a conventional watch strap or bracelet. The smaller version could be integrated into the bracelet of an existing watch, or made into a buckle.That said, it's a phone remote. It needs to be thought of as like a remote PTT on a walkie-talkie. It's a fuelband replacement, a remote for your headset so you can stop touching your ear like Daniel Craig has been demanding, and there will be other niche uses....
It doesn't look that bad to me, and certainly fit and finish will be superior to the competition. And you could buy the smaller one to be a buckle for your real watch. That said, apart from answering your headset or flipping tunes while on the run, what does one use it for?
On another note, I just spent the last few days burning through The Assets. Not having access to broadcast television, I had no idea that this was originally broadcast on ABC. Some aspects of it are obvious, but it's actually quite engrossing. Although mainly about Aldrich Ames, it does a good job of placing his story within the context of many of the CIA's other intelligence failures of the period. It even had a tearjerker ending. I'm actually pretty shocked that American...
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