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Remittance bonus...
 It depends upon the cut of the jacket and the leather used. In Gerry's case likely the latter.  
So I stop by the Apple Store today. Lines around the block, but I went ahead in and googawed at the 6+. It's very thin and it seems like a Goodnuf size to me.using the camera quickly seems a lot easier. I'll probably get one, but I'm going to wait until the winds died down. In the meantime, I'm liking iOS 8's new fonts and some other features on my current phone. Like the ability to hide my dicktures.
The current oyster perpetual lineup has some unfortunate dial choices I'm afraid.
IWB is certainly preferable to pocket carry.    If you're going to carry you need to be able to suck it up on the convenience issues. Carry what's effective, from a stable platform. If that means going a size up on trousers and wearing an untucked shirt when it's hot, so be it. 
  Reposted for emphasis. Beautiful watch.
I'm not entirely sure you understand what that means. In any case, I've been around firearms for a bit longer than Piobaire has, apparently. That experience has made me develop a healthy respect for them. I'm not particularly interested in taking this any further other than saying that certain people are cretins, and they have no business carrying guns in public.
My problem is that when I was growing up and learning to shoot guns, other people around me had the presence of mind to make sure that I knew how to handle guns safely. Part of that is understanding how other guns work. In fact the NRA used to hand out a little leaflet that immediately showed you the difference between revolvers and self-loading pistols. I'm not saying these things need to be backed up with the force of law; in fact, it seems like the more laws that we...
So Walt Mossberg is lying?
Glashutte Original?
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