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Again, improper mindset. If carrying is a priority you adapt. Size up on the trousers and use a tuck-n-go, though that certainly complicates draw.
LOL   http://qz.com/271170/the-price-of-a-gray-market-iphone-6-in-china-is-plummeting/
Not to agitate the junk science crowd, but cellphones are radio transceivers and thus emit radiation. Not really enough to worry about, unless you keep the emitter RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR NADS for most of the day, every day. It rather undoes any possible safety benefit to using a headset, for instance.    Never thought much of keeping any phone in my trouser pockets, except maybe on days where it's too hot to wear a jacket.
This guy is in Napa. But he mostly does stuff for Panerai type pieces...   http://vintagerstraps.com
 Not sure who is worse - the people who propagate stuff like this or the folk who believe them. 
Having nothing better to do with my time, I'm watching three days to kill, the recent Kevin Costner movie. Couldn't help but notice that he's wearing a Steve McQueen explorer 2. At first I thought it might've been a Steinhardt or something else, but lo and behold here's the close-up. The watch is set at 10/2200 hrs.and the scene takes place in broad daylight. Meh.
He means a trackpad that behaves like an iOS screen - tracking, hard and and soft press, etc. 
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