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Yeah, the speedy is pretty much a classic watchnut watch. I'm seriously considering consolidating my watch collection, and even though I don't wear the speedy as often as I'd like, I probably will never get rid of it. It just impresses me as an "important" watch.
Enjoying the great weather.
Restarting a modem or router will also work. I suspect renewing your DHCP lease would as well.
For infiltrating political rallies?   For imitating Edward Woodward as the Equalizer?  
 Actually, what I meant was that this thread was started by enthusiasts who posted pics of their favorite houses. There was no professional snobbery or attacks on commentary which SH considered puerile simply because of his status as an architect. As of now we're left with a lot of knowledge which is spoiled somewhat by SH's personality. You seem to still enjoy the personality part, despite a growing recognition that it's gotten old.  In any case here is an article with...
What, the redirect errors?
Hey, you guys and the powers that be let the big kids take over the sandbox. Whenever that happens, sooner or later it's going to get dominated by shoptalk.
Yes, but now we're talking zoning and discretionary permits. If you want to see the exemplar of bullshit reactionary zoning, come to San Francisco. But what's the connection to certifying architects?
Personally I think the pre- Daytona Cosmographs are the best looking versions, and their price restricts them in my mind to the advanced collector. When most folks think Rolex, they think of the Sub. And while the Sub has become sort of a meme, the classics like the 5512, 5513, and 1680 distinguish themselves. One of these with a strap can be worn virtually anywhere with anything. They are light and discreet yet sturdy, the acrylic crystal gives it a unique look, and the...
New Posts  All Forums: