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Anal Popcorn?
Pretty much like nothing. If you instinctively associate weight with quality it won't impress. The titanium also scratches easier than steel; but it's also easier to polish off. Another issue with the Ti is that the bracelet uses pins and collars rather than screws.That said, it's a joy to look at, with a lively steel-like finish as opposed to the dead gray of most titanium watches. It's a fairly carefree casual watch on the bracelet, on a strap it makes a great cocktail...
FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS Indeed the GMT and Tuna are what I wear the most, then the Sub, then the Snowflake, the the 7c43. On certain occasions only the Speedy will do. The others are in the "for a change" category... I need to get something with a blue face.
I'm really beginning to hate Daylight Savings Time.   
Netflix just got the Robocop remake, and still has the original version as well. Nihilist Double Feature, anyone?
 Wait until you meet the folx who live there...
Hey, at least their receipts are accountable.
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