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The Dune House looks like the sort of thing you'd find at Sea Ranch:
Lol to all the pilot watch comments... High end watch companies used to corner the market on features valued in aviation. That all changed with electronic watches as these extra functions can now be had through programming rather than mechanical features. So now high end "pilot watches" are flown mainly by desk jockeys...
 So where is the slot where one inserts a dollar to raise the curtain for 90 seconds? You know, the one next to the kleenex box?
 Ultimately ignition systems are about training. I was trained on DA/SA autos, so that's probably all I'll ever shoot. You're starting at the beginning and your options are open.  Mauro's right, Go to a range, take a basic class, and rent some options to see what you like.  As far as "not destroying much of your neighborhood": while there is ammo designed for low penetration, it tends to expensive and ineffective. The best remedy for overpenetration is training to hit what...
SD4000 for the win. Doing a Google image search I came across this. I haven't been able to read anything about this; is Omega hiding something?
So far the only ones that move me the right way are the Globemaster and the 62GS Limited editions. Everything else seems kinda cartoony. The new Pelagos would be nice but it's in Ty-D-Bol Blue. That's the wrong sort of nautical.The new Yachtmaster is frustrating because it shows how stunning it could be with a bezel insert. I've always liked the shape of the Yachtmaster case, with its unbroken curves from the crown guards to the top of the case. But I'll never own one,...
Songpa Micro Housing Infill Multi-unit development SsD/Dyne Architects Seoul 2014                        
Vertical Itaim Apartments Sao Paolo   StudioMK27 (Marcio Kogan) 2014                  
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