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Glashutte Original?
I don't see how pointing out a significant reasoning/methodology deficit is being "sassy". If you're going to carry a gun on your person, some basic forethought, discipline, and common sense is required. As a civilian, you have a very limited flight envelope under which you are legally entitled to use that firearm. There is very little if any room for a casual attitude. Assuming that you're actually getting sufficient training, I'm sure you've probably heard about the...
Here's a revolver with a safety catch:     You'll notice it's pretty old. Most revolvers designed since 1892 have some sort of of internal safety mechanism. There are some, say, like Korths, that have safeties. But virtually every modern revolver designed for defensive use today does not have a manual safety.     Some Smith & Wesson revolvers had grip safeties:     These were actually pretty nice, as the grip safety allowed for the trigger to be made with a...
If you have no idea how a certain firearm works, why would you consider carrying it? Have you received any training at all?    If you had any concept whatsoever about how and why handguns are designed you wouldn't have asked those questions. 
FFS. It's not that big. http://cdn2.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/693544/iphone6Plusprintout.0.pdf
Mallees or Blunnies I can see. But most folks here are think Craftsman, Turnout , etc.
Don't do it!
A bit rumpled at the end of the day.
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