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7C43 FTW. Good luck finding one.
Coit Liquors has it. They pretty much have everything.
At least they're celebrating someplace: http://ajw.asahi.com/article/cool_japan/style/AJ201407120015
I've considered getting a Pogue; it's a cool looking watch with a great history. But there's no sweep hand unless you use chronograph, right? Anyone have a line on who else besides Tutima makes a center minute chrono with sweep seconds subdial and nothing else?
I suspect cultural differences are at play. Privacy valued over views, which you can enjoy from outside the building in any case.    Some idiosyncrasies could also be due to regulation and how Japan's sketchy construction industry interacts with it. You've probably noticed that a lot of of the narrow back streets in Japanese cities have taller buildings where floor setbacks and sloping rooflines overlook the street to allow light in. Problem is, I'm fairly certain I've...
More like she found me!
The Comfort Craftsman and Comfort Turnout have different construction from either the standard or the Dynamic Flex Craftsman.The Comfort boots do not have a removable innersole if I remember correctly. The Dynamic Flex Craftsman does have a removable innersole, as do the Stockyard boots, such as the Mallee.However I find these innersoles to be somewhat middling quality, with a relatively short life. Not something that you would want to buy to use in another boot. In fact,...
No escape, I guess.
Well, it IS Beirut. If someone wants to make an ironic statement with their home, why not? It's a pretty spectacular house in any case.
Very cool Tissot.
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