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Well, yeah. Form follows function.
Any feedback on sending back to RMW for resoling or do they not do that?
Perhaps we could ask SH to defend continued use of the Short Hoe in emerging agricultural markets. 
Decided to watch Kagemusha again. Always worth the time. Unfortunately it's now the only Kurosawa film on Netfilx.
Size. 34mm is too small for that style of watch, if you ask me. If you're smaller it might work.
This thread is winning.
That makes me wonder if the seller is that shoe fetish guy from the creepy sartorial images thread, and that now he has discovered how to combine a cigarette burning fetish with his creepy shoe fetish.
Cantonese lesson number one: At the barber – "Please just a little off the top." DEE-YOU LAY LOW MOE WAH.
Yeah but they wanted the water/ice dispenser on the outside. Convenience. Plus there's the issue of what's available where they are. What is troubling is the seating area. I really did think that it was a wardroom for the household staff. Then I reviewed the other photos and realized that it's supposed to be a main dining area.
New Posts  All Forums: