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Given that there were pics of other women on his phone as well, I suspect he's in for a good dumping.  Also I must say after seeing the pics that he's a bit sick. There's like porno level stuff in there, and why on earth would a same man do that stuff with someone he knows he's going to see again? Plus, er, um, selfies that he's got no grounds to be proud of.
I wouldn't if I were you. You might end up in prison.
Borrowed from the Watchuseek forum. Pardon the Engrish...  
Because I find it interesting.   Because it's a fairly important and unique Brutalist building. Like some other Brutalist residential projects, it reflects the society around it, and it's undergone a revival of sorts.    This thread is about architecture, which encompasses more than just "Dreamhouses for Douchebags."
Ponte City    Rodney Grosskopf, Architect   Johannesburg   1975   http://www.citylab.com/design/2013/11/brutalist-apartment-building-encapsulates-story-apartheid/7515/   http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Africa/2008/0212/p20s01-woaf.html/%28page%29/2   http://www.storyofbing.com/2012/12/the-ponte-city-johannesbur/                       http://vimeo.com/51295174
I used to own one of these, and I got tired of the dated look with the big numbers. Sinn does make a quality product, but they are getting expensive for what they are.  I would go with the 556i in this range:  This and the U1 are highly original designs that work. The rest, meh. 
Well, yeah. Form follows function.
Any feedback on sending back to RMW for resoling or do they not do that?
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