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When you set it, did you move the hands counterclockwise?
Hmm. Recognized design, from original manufacturer, range of finishes available, $2500.
I bet you could still get a Gawker payday, such as it is.
Perhaps I'm totally ignorant of something, but design aspects notwithstanding, how much more difficult can it be to manufacture movements if you're going to make such elaborate casework and modifications to stock movements? Especially now, with distributed fabrication technologies?
Well, since we're talking other chairs: does anyone know where I can get some of these?
Naive Cynicism -> more corruption -> more Naive Cynicism.
Gawd. It's frothery like that that makes me want to sell all my watches and just wear my SBCM023 forever.
Nailed it. Architects have fiduciary responsibility in their works up to and including life safety issues, so it's logical that there be licensing. It sounds here however like they're treating the word "architect" as some sort of trade or service mark, which it shouldn't be.
You know, if I were doing this all over again, I would simply do more research and find another original design that meet your specs. Example: http://www.bludot.com/modern-living-room-furniture/lounge-chairs/toro-modern-lounge-chairs.html Sure, it's inspired by the Rodrigues Kilin, Hardoy and other Latin American sling chairs, but it would work in your situation, and costs $1100.
I think I figured out what I really want: A Sea Dweller GMT. Add the orange hand from the Explorer II, replace the numbers on the bezel with 24 hour time equivalents (4,8,12, 16, etc) and make it bidirectional. For me that would be the perfect watch.
New Posts  All Forums: