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Fatigue ringspun shorts (tailored - 07/08 - ish) SS16 twill bedford  
Bedford fits slightly longer in the body this season imo, comparing it to the ripstop one a few seasons ago with removable buttons.
don't suppose you know the approx price on the 104 IT?
Bureau preview up
Any sign of those fatigue cord shorts yet?
The Bureau have the sanjuro in olive, should be on their website sometime today.   I'm after the ND blanket sanjuro in a 3 dk brown or navy should anyone come across one.
fycus - tbh quite happy to spend on kngrs to get them done properly.  Do pm if you have a recommendation on how to go about it.
fycus - ever sent any of your virgils back to get resoled?
is there a male version of the regimental jacket this season?
Ovadia & Sons Shantung silk tweed blazer - worn twice, as new condition.  Beautifully light and slubby tweed silk jacket, lined in black, 2 button, double vent, deconstructed pocket style (patch).  40 R. Stunning fabric, pairs great with all black or white/ecru.   Shipped securely from the UK, included in price.   20.5 inches chest waist 19 length approx 30 sleeve 25 shoulder 17
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