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Contact me. I can help you. 
Gentlemen -    I am in desperate need of a new (although it's a three year old model) Santoni 'Jadwin' in black, size 10.5D (American size/Santoni size on shoe and box).    Santoni has an 11 in warehouse. Shoemart, and more than a dozen other online shops I've checked have lots of brown, but no one has the black in required size.    Immediate sale for you. Anyone?   Thank you! Please email me or post reply w/contact info   Thanks. 
This is terrific: http://attolininyc.com/
thanks for this link to the blog....www.attolininyc.com. liking it. wish my store's salespeople did this...wouldn't care if i had the $ to shop at Attolini, 'cause I'd be shopping with this guy...but...
That passage needs a re-write, but I assume he means the belt's quality will form that memory "better" (?) (with more integrity) than some other belt - perhaps another in alligator? I don't know. Assumed. Anyway, I'd buy one if I had the cash. Hot looking belt.    The blog isn't bad. Jury's out on his pictures, but he makes a clear case as to why they look that way, so point to blogger.  
Sorry if I missed a recent post on this...I scanned for one. Hope this is not redundant!    Was wondering if anyone's got a report on the new Attolini store in NYC? I saw some coverage on GQ site. Looks pretty nice from the photos I saw. And big? Seems so at reported 2500 sq feet. Nice. Curious to know any info.    Thanks.  AB
Thank you! My God....it's threads like this one that remind me why I have only like, fifteen posts on this site.    Here's a TRUE story: I went into the Zegna boutique on Madison Avenue in NY about a year ago....picked up a shoe. Commented on the rigidity of the leather sole, without using the word, "leather" to the salesman I was speaking to. He says, "Yeah, it's stiff like that because it's made of wood."    I said, "Aaah....I see...." and thanked him, and walked out....
WOW!    Checked out the blog in question here. And its Tumblr.    If this A&B salesman's, excuse me - "mentor's" (see his blog post about his "American Psycho" business card) writing style, and the clothes pictured on his blog and Tumblr are representative of Astor & Black, I'm now convinced I've made the right choice to not associate with this brand. .    The entire package cited above - his blog, tumblr, and their pictures and accompanying editorial and the...
Call Stuart again. Ask for Ralph. He's the Phineas Cole designer/merchandiser. If he doesn't answer, or return a VM, ask for the 2nd floor mngr, John, and he'll break it down for you.    Nothing in that store is as "trim" or as "fashion" as Phineas. So at least there's a jump off point for you.    Good luck.    Moral of the story: Try...to never buy tailored clothing online unless you can 1) afford the time and $ for exchanges, tailoring, returns, etc... 2)...
Is this how one becomes a "senior member"? If so, add this to my list.    And with those fifteen words, I'm that much closer to becoming "someone" around here. Haven't been this excited since the new phone book arrived. That is, when we used to use phone books to find someone's phone number.     
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