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Any successful creations with the waxed cotton?
A shot of my shadow selvedges:
There is no white.  Regular jeans are woven with a natural (white) weft.  You can see more texture with the white weft, and obviously you have a white cuff when you roll your jeans.  These jeans have a black weft, (though no core dyed), so everything that was white in the statement above, is now black.  Only place you'll find white is where its faded to white.
Totally disagree here.  The construction on my Japan Heritages are pretty much shit, worse than my apcs, loose threads everywhere.  Also it seems they use a pretty high gauge thread, so reaching into the back pockets is really scratchy.  The quality is nowhere near 3Sixteen or Momo, to me the appeal of NF is that they just crank out so many denims that pretty much anyone can find one they like, whether its some simple like deep indigo or something crazy like scratch n sniff.
your wish is my command.  bout the extent of my fades so far     Oh and the softness is not an issue, these jeans are dope.  Fading potential looks pretty nice as well.
Repost for the new page...     actually, what the hell though.. I cannot afford the number of things I need from this list.  Is the minimalist fishtail waxed cotton?    
drew, any plans to redo the shirting, possibly with new fabrics?  The fit and details were quite nice.
fleshlight: drew keith edition?
new toj lookbook is going to be heavenly no homo
My TOJ purchases are starting to pay themselves back:   1. I was grabbing a sandwich from potbellys, the large black lady, who was 20 years my elder, running the register goes "what'd you have today, handsome?"  I was kind of taken aback, by it, and just kind of chuckled and responded.  She then proceeds to ask me "if you could have any type of cookie right now what would it be?".  +$1.95 for a free sugar cookie.  I walk outside, see my friend, tell him I got a free...
New Posts  All Forums: