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new toj lookbook is going to be heavenly no homo
My TOJ purchases are starting to pay themselves back:   1. I was grabbing a sandwich from potbellys, the large black lady, who was 20 years my elder, running the register goes "what'd you have today, handsome?"  I was kind of taken aback, by it, and just kind of chuckled and responded.  She then proceeds to ask me "if you could have any type of cookie right now what would it be?".  +$1.95 for a free sugar cookie.  I walk outside, see my friend, tell him I got a free...
posting right after uncontrol pants is probably not a great way to garner attention, but..   My 2cents would be a sort of waterproof parka/anorak out of the oiled cotton.  Rain is pretty unavoidable where I'm from, and my waterproof items are pretty lacking.
Just got my pair of Shadow Selvedges in ST-120x.  The denim is very interesting, but not exactly what I'd expected.  Having never bought a pair of 3Sixteens before, I'm not sure what realm of the denim world they fall but I'll say, this denim is very soft, only slightly stiff, and has a very smooth feel.  Not really slubby whatsoever, smoother than APC denim, KMW denim, and many of N&Fs denims.  Because of this, they definitely would function well as classier, formal...
merry christmas drew.  And cheers to a new year with oiled cotton masterpieces!
there's measurements here:   http://www.tateandyoko.com/1-jeans/126-flat-head-x-naked-famous-x-tate-yoko-collaboration-jean.html everything will shrink a similar amount to other FlatHead jeans (check Self Edge for pre and post measurements on FHs).
something like a stock 52 would probably be best.  Seems like people messing up sizing are on the small side for the most part.
I ordered Oct 7th.
Got my 4th TOJ, and first varsity today.  I had gone with a size 50 in my MA-1 and it was super tight, so got kinda spooked, and went with a size 52 + some added sleeve and body length.  This one is definitely more wearable, though I still think my sweet spot TOJ size would be  a 51, as this ones a little boxy/loose with just a t-shirt one.  With a few layers, it fills out perfectly though.  6'3", 165lbs for reference. Anyways, happy overall.  If the looseness bugs...
so can you give us an update on the rumored "shorter hooded winter jacket"...did the sample meet your quality standards?
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