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The only reason I'd hold back from ordering things now is the fear that they'll be revamped positively...
as far as I know, no one has posted up any sort of significant fades on the shadows.  As far as sizing goes, you'll definitely need to size up at least 1 from a N&F Weird guy.  If I recall correctly the LHTs ran pretty big as well, that on top of the minimal stretching, I'd say possibly size up 2, depending on the fit youre going for.
I'd be interested in, not so much a tech fabric, but a waterproof slicker type of jacket.  Gotta stay dry sometimes.  And +1 on the black suede MA-1   hmm, would suede ma-1 which reverses to to a varsity be possible?
June 1st
    could be wrong, but I was under the impression the QDR was lamb only as the calf doesn't work well with the intricate quilt details.
I trust the standard TOJ fit when it comes to everything but the length, I usually have to add 2" in sleeve and body length to have them fit me best, so the departure of MTM may not treat me kindly   :(
so wait, if not suggesting in the thread, how do we make moves on putting our name in for another color happening?  email charly?
dude its true, young guys always have stupid details on their almost nice jackets, where as old guys and hobos keep it simple
I saw an old guy in a red baseball jacket in the airport once, and it made me want a red baseball jacket over any other colors.  Its the second time this type of thing happened (last time was a hobo in a brown fishtail).
I would like a varsity along the lines of set in sleeves, contrast stripe ribbing on select colors, and interior of something funky like japanese floral print (with appropriate colors) or standard lining.
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