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I wear a 30 in APC PS, and the 32 3sixteen SL fits me a similar, but a bit more straight leg. And the double blacks do fade by the way, a lot faster than I even expected.  I'm at about 4-5 months of consistent wear and I've got a fair amount of whiskers and combs setting in.
does anything but sizing ever get discussed in this thread?  
Has anyone received their Oxford v2?  I'm interested to see fit pics..
I mean, I know thats what Drew's post says, but I didn't think the OG TOJ1 was available since it was first discontinued in like 2010.  Was this another off the menu but still able to order?
Drew, any plans to expand the shirting lineup?
anyone with sizing experience between Ande Whall's and 3Sixteen's ST fit?
This is interesting.  I wonder why its so much cheaper than the T-1, which you'd think uses less suede, being a shorter cut jacket?
        Not a logo, but this would remedy the lack of matching fonts on the tumblr, which for whatever reason bugs me.   (to each his own.  The fon't certainly don't match imo, the background font is caps helvetica or arial, the one used in the circle graphic certainly is neither.) | v
no double blacks? 
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