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when I search "double rider jacket", 3/4 of the results are TOJ.  Is this Google knowing what I like, or is TOJ really that popular?
dude...that face...why??  gets me every time.
Did you wash your jeans inside out?  Those sorts of weird fades used to show up on my jeans when I'd forget to turn em inside out.
I have a minimally worn pair of ST Shadows in size 31.  Message me with interest, as I'm too lazy to take pictures otherwise, haha.
can we get a "semi-toj" thread so the real toj thread can stop getting derailed by this?
I have PS size 30, and ST-220x, double black in size 32.  Both are nice jeans, but 3Sixteens are better made and better fabric, probably better cut too (higher rise).  The APCs are a blueish grey, and fade fairly well (tons of examples in APC thread).  My double blacks are great though, fading to an ashy grey with vertical falling.  blew out the crotch already though.
Drew, in the past you've clearly had an aversion to the varsities.  But I know theres a huge demand for them, and they bring in money for other endeavours.  So that being said, did you have a change of heart, or are you just amassing funds for (more) new steez projects?
do you use "burn" literally?  Because I think it was more like "microwave"
I wear a 30 in APC PS, and the 32 3sixteen SL fits me a similar, but a bit more straight leg. And the double blacks do fade by the way, a lot faster than I even expected.  I'm at about 4-5 months of consistent wear and I've got a fair amount of whiskers and combs setting in.
does anything but sizing ever get discussed in this thread?  
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