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can we preorder for those new designs up front??
...which was 6 days ago?
So has the wishlist contest been decided yet?
you could say the market of people who care about the .15" difference is not big enough to out weigh the costs of supplying multiple inseam lengths.
I can second that.  I had to exchange a few items, David was helpful, gave me free 2-day shipping on the items coming back to me.  Thanks!
I think there are a few reasons.  First off, offering multiple inseam lengths is more complicated than offering just one.  You then have to keep stock of "multiple items", despite them being pretty much the same jeans.   Stylistically, right now a lot of people are rocking the cuff, or stacking.  Also, you can always hem, them to be shorter, whereas you can't lengthen jeans.  I'm about 6'3", and as a result, can't wear anything shorter than a 34" inseam (and this is... its really not that hard to find.  
^ I think this may be the case.  I tried clearing my cache, still wouldn't work.  Logged out of my account, and checked out as a guest and the code worked just fine.
the "styleb" discount code isn't working.  What gives?
A few TOJ questions, please don't take them as bitching, just curious.   1. In the "End of TOJ" post, Drew said he was doing a capsule release for a friend, set for Fall release.  Tis the season, any news about that?   2. Didn't Drew say a while back that more workshops had been brought in, and the lead times would drop significantly from there on out?  The new 20 week quote seems contradictory to that.   3. Why is TOJ still taking orders?  Not that it makes a...
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