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This is a great jacket. I got few of these and love them.
Well, to be honest when I saw the SP last for the first time I called it the 'nose of the condor' due to its funny bubbly pointy nose. The plain S last was more appaling to me at the shop. But my friend insisted on the SP and now, having seen the shoes live outside of the shop environment I must admit they are perfect shape. Bot as pointy as U or K, yet much more refined than F last. The owner does say that the fit is more confy than U or K, but still its a snug leather...
@bdavro23 @peppercorn78 The fit feedback I got was that yes, similar to U, but very comfortable. Still new shoe, first time out of the house today. Made to his own measurements so fit is as right as it gets. Close up for the colour as the shoes artived to Finland. Very plummy
The SP side profile
In todays business meeting it was a pure coincidence that 3/5 people were wearing Vass shoes. F-last oxblood boot, Dainite Norweger brown, leather soles And brand new SP last in museum plum, dainite
Yes sir,  Single Dainite soles.  They are great for Nordic weather as even in Spring when the roads are filled with small rocks to prevent people from slipping in ice. Still can wear the single dainites inside with a suit vs. heavier commando soles.
Pics Reposted from Vass thread:   My new Vass boots perfect for next winter.   F-Last, Oxblood, Old English, Dainite    
These puppies are perfect for next winter :)   Dainite Oxblood F Last Old English          
Thats a definite invitation for dirt and moist to go in. Any shoemaker will be able to put a new nail in though if the hole inside is not damaged. In any case you should contact the store and get their opinion. They should cover the costs whether its local repair or u shipping them back for xchange. Personally I wouldnt go outside with a nail missing from the sole.
I have the 199 in double monks. When i tried them on i actually chose the same (or even EU1/2 sz smaller, cause they didnt have half EUsizes) than normal. The last felt narrow but for some reason i think the actually shoe is tint bit longer so the narrow part didnt come to effect. I chose 45 which is either uk 10,5 or 11 in Grenson, alfred sargents, vass, loake
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