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Good news for Scandinavia :) Went to have a look at the Vass store in Budapest and finally saw the much anticipated Dainite soles. Dainite available for every shoe they offer.
I visited the new store in Budapest about month back.  Nice selection on display. Only took few photos.  What was great news (for me at least) that Vass will start producing shoes with Dainite soles! Starting from end of March early April 2013. Looking forward for that since in the northern countries weather is always anti leather sole.                                                                  
any feedback on the suits? pictures?
I'm curious to see as many pictures as possible before making my mind to order or not.
Moi! Also from Helsinki, Finland.. Its 2012 now and not all the shops mentioned in this thread exists anymore. I'd be curious to find out where my Finnish brothers find good value for money in FIN. I'd love to buy from here but tend to order online almost everything.
Anyone have any info what can be found on the outlets ? Are discounts reasonable enough to make the trip out there?
Hi,   Some of the reviews mentioned the racks to be a bit wobbly. Any feedback? Thanks a mil'
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