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Here are some pictures of my recent visit to the shop in Paris. I was traveling on long distance so I chose to spend a day in Paris and get myself a pair of 'raw calf' double monks...those shoes I took to Mr. Paulus Bolten for Patina. I'll picture those later.       Patina: Miro loafer normal stiching     Patina: Miro REVERSE stiching     Last 199 Double Monks, 1/2...
  Great looking shoe. Saw something really similar on the Ascot Shoe pages on ebay on special. My hands are itching to push buy, but I can't smuggle then in anymore as my better half already know what Vass shoes costs :) Now I have to ask them MTO a shoe with vagabond logo's :)
Let's update the 2015 store list for Helsinki, Finland     Sauma,  Tombolini, Tagliatore, Caruso and many other Italian sartorial brands Very pro people own and work at Sauma. Good percentage of their turnover comes from alterations etc.     Schoffa,  (own brand) From MTM shirts Schoffa has evolved into a all round supplier of basically everything a gent needs. Inc. Junior section. Schoffa works under their own label and offers really good value. MTM shirts are...
Nice one ! What kind of soles you got going on there?
 I'm waiting for my first Oxblood boots. I tried several different colours at the shop and ended up with oxblood for similar reasons that it's not black but could be worn with many different outfits. Might have more limitations on laces colour options though than plain black. 
Thanks again. Will flip a coin if I will take this jacket to a business lunch, but probably just gonna wear it casually. I really enjoy the jacket too. Its T300Light material and feels very soft and cashmere like. My favourite Tombolini material though is the Zero Gravity which is amazing.
Thanks Shpirt! Good advice!    Also glad you picked up on the pants cause I was not 100perc on those hanging there :)   Definitely taking the points on the casual look and your idea of t-shirt/v-neck is a good one and didn't even think about that.   What you think on business use for shirts and ties? 
They look great! I tried the F last as well last time I visited their store and agree that F last has the best look vs. comfort ratio! Congrats on your purchase!
Hello Gents,   I picked up this Tombolini jacket from my preferred store sale and I'm looking for ideas what to wear it with?   Any opinions and advice welcome!      
Good news for Scandinavia :) Went to have a look at the Vass store in Budapest and finally saw the much anticipated Dainite soles. Dainite available for every shoe they offer.
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