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Thanks! Looking forward to receiving the shoes and trying them out.
Any update on ship dates for benchgrade shoes? I ordered a pair of black oxfords back in early March. Thanks!
Ditto, let's see them in action if possible. Kind of wish Kent would post these ancient madders in action on the site. 
Thanks for posting the pic - that really helps get a sense for how to best use these Kent Wang prints. Seems like the Lindisfarne Gospels would be more useful for me and it is one I never would have considered. Although, I really like the Great Wave print.
Thanks for this. I have trouble visualizing the new Kent Wang squares of historic prints and their versatility without a photo like yours. Curious how The Big Wave looks. Maybe Kent has shots of all of these in use.
Those Gryffin's are pretty impressive. I pre-ordered my benchgrade black oxfords based on Put This On's favorable reviews and reading this thread.   The MTM photos have been stellar - really want a new suit now too.
Ditto, not found much and the Bombata is too trendy looking and doesn't have a great color selections. A document case/portfolio size makes sense with certain briefcase attributes.I like this:
sent a PM
I think a 2" and a 1" divider if you have one at all. With an iPad you could probably fit it with a notepad, files, and whatever else in either side as thin as the IPad is. Today I put a MacBook Air, iPad 2 and thick notepad in the protective zipper sleeve for an old iBook. You really don't need much room to carry a lot as these devices get smaller. Thinking 5 - 10 years down the road, assuming you want long term use out of this briefcase, what would you probably carry?...
Seems like 4" depth would be too much for how light you like to keep things in your bag. Unless those books and files are really thick. I was thinking of 3" with a MacBook Air, iPad, and maybe a file or two or book, pencils, phone.
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