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I am unclear what number of shoes in rotation means within the context of your statement. I could have 101 pairs of Black Brogues, but by your statement they would all be useless if I bought just one pair of Burgundy Shell.   In any case, it's not like shoes are terribly expensive, compared to suits.   Also, this is supposed to be a thread about AEs, of which I have exactly one pair (Black Oxfords, natch), which come out for weddings and job interviews only. For...
I've occasionally turned cast off shirts into handkerchiefs.   A friend has a tie rack made from an orphaned suit jacket, sans sleeves, with a hanger and a series of cross bars inside it. Works quite well to store a lot of ties while keeping them covered.
Yes, yes, I misinterpreted your statement by reading the words and applying the dictionary definitions.
  I don't really see how we can be misinterpreting the context of this:     That's pretty unequivocal, really.     The thing with Burgundy is that it's a really strong visual element - deep, powerful and striking. Overdoing it is really easy to do.
  Hmmm, well I have burgundy shell, black brogues and brown suede monks... but that probably says more about the breadth of my shoe collection than anything else.   There's a particular outfit of a Burgundy Shirt and Cream Trousers I like to wear that just doesn't look right with Burgundy shoes as well as the shirt. It works well with Black Brogues and Black Belt though.   *shrugs* your mileage may vary, as they say   For reference, of the five pairs of black shoes I own...
I suppose some people would respond that cramming multiple "casual" design details onto a single shoe would result in something too casual.   Equally, sometimes you want a casual shoe, but your outfit calls for a black shoe. Thus, Black Brogues.
If you google that term (with quotes) you find that modern sources are using it with reference to a narrow brim hat with a centre crease around 1963, but the publications of the time (mostly google scanned newspapers, featuring what looks like a PR release in news form from October 17th 1958) are using it for a smart Derby hat.   The Derby would make more sense in in terms of the "crash helmet", when you consider what the original Derby hats were designed for.
There's a huge range of hats that aren't Fedoras (and not a bit of disagreement over what exactly is, and is not, a Fedora).
Certainly down south there are more hats in winter than ever before. I never go to Manchester though, so it could be different up there.   Back in December there was a week when it hit ten below freezing every night for a week though, and that's been the pattern for the past few winters. As I say, it's still unseasonably and bitterly cold here at the moment.   Of course, up in Newcastle it can be minus ten and they won't even wear coats... but that's because geordies are...
Rule #1 - Hats are outdoor wear. That means you need to co-ordinate them with your (over)coat (especially important for a winter hat). Rule #2 - Hats are outdoor wear. That means you take them off indoors. At the very latest, remove it with your overcoat. Preferably, remove it as you come through the door. Even talking to someone at a reception desk while wearing a hat just looks & feels wrong. Rule #3 - Hats are outdoor wear. Anywhere that isn't air conditioned is...
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