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That's not really the rule. If you are wearing Black shoes you should wear a matching belt, but otherwise things are a bit more flexible.   You can wear a black belt with almost any colour of shoes, and you can wear brown shoes with almost any colour of belt (providing they are harmonious with the rest of your outfit, obviously).
You would probably be best off asking on a movie geek forum about the specific coat.   The costume designer for that film was Ulla Goethe, according to IMDB, if that's any help.
Quote thread? Quote thread.   “Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”  ― Karl Lagerfeld
  What gets me with this is that he appears to be stood on tiptoes. Combined with the terrible trousers/break and the square toed shoes, he looks like he has Evil-One-esque goat legs hidden under those trousers...
  Guideline: If the pocket square colour is too close to the shirt colour, it looks too much at first glance like you just have a hole in your jacket.   Your jacket is blue. Your shirt appears to be a blue/grey, or possibly lilac. Try a patterned yellow/gold square.
Oh I entirely agree, but I thought we had rather answered that part already. The idea behind odd waistcoats itself though, is interesting.   Personally I have a burgundy waistcoat I've worn with my favourite charcoal suit more than a few times, which looks rather good. I wouldn't wear it to my wedding though.
The problem is that your waistcoat will not match perfectly, no matter how hard you try, and a slightly odd waistcoat is in many ways worse than a completely odd waistcoat.   Wearing a waistcoat that is just slightly odd looks like you tried to match and failed, whereas wearing one that's obviously contrasting appears deliberate and therefore better.   Wearing an odd waistcoat can be done, and done well. However, it is generally a rather more casual look than a...
It has something of a Slender Man vibe to it
Yes. Set the bookmark to head to
I don't know that this is really "creepy" so much as "stupid". It's certainly "more money than sense":   Story here    
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