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I agree with your first point. I was simply waking the observation as the original poster hasn't supplied us with the type of event he has in mind.   I think there is still definitely a difference between the Sports Coat and the Odd Jacket. Part of it is the difference between town & country; grey & blue vs green & brown.   There are no definitive rules, of course, but the division is still there, to a degree, if you spend enough time between the two locales. Or maybe...
Assuming this isn't a troll thread:   The Four In Hand knot is the basic standard knot that works for just about everything. If the four in hand doesn't work for whatever you are wearing, first check that what you are wearing isn't a mistake.   The Windsor Knot creates larger knots. Historically, this was created to allow people to mimic the larger knot preferred by the Duke. It's worth noting that the Duke himself didn't use it, preferring more expensive ties...
Neither is "Formal", in the way SF usually uses the term.   The modern business suit is exactly what it says on the tin - a garment for doing business in. Note here that this does not necessarily imply that you always have to wear one at work. I only have to wear a business suit when I have meetings with other managers or clients scheduled. However, in previous roles it's been expected that I'm suited 4 or 5 days of the week. First and foremost, wear whatever is...
  Agreed on the need for high rise on the trousers if wearing a waistcoat, but it isn't so much "many men like" as "the only things available to buy are low waisted trousers".   That factor is what originally bought me to SF - I simply don't like or look good in low rise trousers. Finding pairs with a decent rise is a trial.
  Smith vs. Safeway was a case bought upon hairstyling in reference to a the business conventionality of a style. You are on very shaky ground if you try to apply that decision to bar women from wearing a smart, business conventional ladies trousersuit; the court would almost certainly hold that such an outfit met the culturally accepted standards of conventional business clothing for women.
#1 - "I'm sorry about your curtains, grandma" #2 - "I've never worn a shirt made from a bathmat before" #3 - "Is this a tie in with Sharknado?"  
Regarding the article linked by OP, the only thing that photo tells you really is that hats were much more prevalent in 1929. Also, the photo was probably taken in the colder half of the year, what with everyone wearing overcoats.   While I agree that a well chosen hat and overcoat looks great, most people just don't do hats anymore.   On the subject of ladieswear, there are some women who look better in skirts, some who look better in trousers, and some who can...
The worst thing about modern suits (at least OTR) is the low rise. Lower than low, in fact.     As for bad eras:  
What the hell has the Prime Minister done to this suit? Politicians are not supposed to look worse than sportsmen!  
Black and Charcoal are exceptions to that.
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