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Judging by the fact that the advert is for boot cut jeans, one assumes the footwear is a boot.   It appears to be suede. It has open lacing.   Something like a Loake Kalahari in grey suede? Or one of the other Loake desert boots?
    Bleeding Madras was created when Indian cloth merchants saw the Tartans of the scots regiments during the Raj and attempted to duplicate the look in the local material and popular colours.
The first thing you need to know is that you don't have enough shoes. And no, this isn't Styleforum superiority complex, there's science behind this;     Leather shoes degrade badly when exposed to moisture. When you wear them, your feet sweat, the leather gets damp. If you wear the same pair of shoes every day, the shoes never get to dry out, so they degrade faster.   Having two pairs of shoes and rotating them will make them last longer. Most people on SF...
The block user function is a wonderful thing, I heartily recommend it.
There is an old adage which should be remembered in these circumstances;   "Dress for the job you want to have, not for the job you already have."
Not wearing a belt with a waistcoat? It's a rule. You can see the bulk of the belt buckle beneath the waistcoat.
Two anecdotes from working in one particular office;   I more a suit 4 days a week, and odd jacket & trousers on friday. Nobody else wears a suit (I was once told I looked smarter on a Friday than my co-workers did Mon-Thur), including my boss most of the time. Over time, when people entered the Department needing us for something, they came to gravitate to me. Not so bad, it meant I controlled the workflow more than my technical remit allowed and everything ran like...
You are going to look at these photos on a regular basis for the duration of your marriage.   You do not want to look at them in 20 or 40 years and feel like people do when looking at those awful 1970s wedding photos we all know and loathe.   Wear black shoes. If you must be creative, be creative with the tie and pocket square.
I stopped reading when the Homophobia began in that article.     Describing something as "disgusting" is not respectful. The article writer is a bigot. Heaven help her children should one of them turn out to be gay.
  You could probably do with more pocket squares. There's a lot that a choice of colour brings to an outfit.
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