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It'll more than likely damage the colours. Test it on part of the tail hem to see if you really want, but I'd bet it'll bleach (duh) the colour out.
Red Trousers?
I assume you mean this post
    I really don't like the button down collar at all.   It's a uniquely American thing, so far as I can tell. The button down collar is so rare I honestly don't know where I would buy one here in the UK, and it always looks particularly wrong to british eyes.
I think the main thing that spoils that fit is the shirt collar. But that could just be me.
All of the things that are wrong with that image, and that's what tips you off?   In fact, I'm pretty sure that pic isn't real - it's a photoshop composite. Look at the right lapel & collar area - how is that casting a shadow onto the shirt like that?
I'd go with the Blue Suit, Black Shoes, Cream shirt and a palette of lighter blues with silver and cream accents on tie and square if possible.
There's really quite a few TM Lewin stores in the UK,en_GB,pg.html
God wears a Tie with Jeans?
I think I have a winner...
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