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Yeah, that was the point. He didn't dress particularly badly, in fact (especially compared to one of the other guys on the systems team). But... never ironed.   But you know, the guy was from systems. He doesn't have to talk to anyone outside of systems, and the server doesn't care how he's dressed.
Those are genuinely vile. The "Wild Ginger" deserve to be beaten like the red headed stepchild of satan that it is.   Moving one - the venue looks like a reasonably nice place, and by the sea. For a daylight even, wear blue or grey, with a white, light blue or lilac shirt and accents in either silver or gold.   For evening, wear charcoal, with white shirt and accent with gold.
Well, it's pretty horrible, but probably your best bet is a Cream shirt or White, pale (lemon) yellow after that.
I take the third option. I usually wear a tie bar.
  I would definitely pay for one of these.   The tower isn't called Big Ben though - that's the hour bell.
If it's your first real suit they are probably your first real shoes too.   Buy a pair of good quality Black Oxford Plain Toecaps.   You can get fancy later.
The vast majority of jackets, blazers, sportcoats and what have you do not have working cuff buttons.   It's strictly something you will see on high end bespoke wear.   And frankly, it's pretty damn pointless even on them. Most of the reason to have them is to leave one undone so as to say "I am rich enough to afford to have bespoke wear". Which 99.9999% of everyone will neither notice nor care about.
No labels or anything?   What does the underside of the lapels look like?   Can you snag a loose thread from anywhere invisible to try a flame test on the fabric to see if it melts or burns?   As for what to wear with it... well you were the one buying a pink jacket in the first place, what were you going to wear with that?
The fashion for skinny jeans has gone too far:    
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