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I'm not sure going to a Med School interview dressed like an undertaker is necessarily a wise choice.
Anything which uses the designers logo as an essential feature of the design. Louis Vuitton being the prime offender.
I have altogether too many Loakes (from across all the ranges) already, and you making me want to buy more...
Pocket Square and Tie should not match. But they should fail to match in a pleasant and harmonious manner.
For me it's the way the jacket clearly doesn't fit him properly and is rucking up behind the collar.   Also, the lapel piping is horrible, and the tie with OCBD is something of a faux pas.
Firstly, this has been discussed before here on SF   A google search reveals that the domain registrants details are fake, and a lot of the links on the site don't work, so it's probably a hoax.   The main thing that tips me off is the idea that people would bequeath their skin. For the prices these guys quote, I'd be willing to sell them mine post mortem, in exchange for a nice cheque for my family, but giving it to them? Doubtful.
  Yeah, I could, but I went with the funny. He could give as good as he got.     Some people just can't get gentle ribbing humour as a friendly gesture. Oversensitive.       He probably works in HR ;)    
The jacket is too short by a couple of inches, and the button positioning is too high (partly as a consequence of the jacket being too short). It's hard to see, but the shoulders look too padded too. When you lean against a wall, does your shoulder hit the wall at the same time as the padding?   The trousers are self-evidently too tight.   I don't like the material either. Too shiny.
  Bond is a cad. He wears dinner jackets during the day.     Or alternatively, someone who has a command of the English language and isn't afraid to use it. (I'm British, and I really do talk like that)
I actually had a boss tell the staff to come in "formal dress" once.   We were this close to turning up in morning dress for the day when we found out that the new owner would be taking a tour and thought better of it.
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