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 You could try Falkingham's in Bondi Junction. Or Brices in Castlereagh St (I think they have some connection with Coombs, but not too sure)
Pantherella etc for about $16 at DJ's.
I was just in Myer (in Sydney), I noticed that they have Falke socks, but only in sizes from UK8.5 up.
On the subject of altering shirts, is it easy/economical to shorten sleeves?
You have my deepest sympathy TBM.
I just noticed on DJ's website that there are a few Pantherella socks for about $12 (mainly for larger feet, but there's a few mediums available) . And if you buy 2 or more pairs, they'll give you a further 10% discount (online only).   Link
Don't forget me!
Speaking of awesome fits in movies/on TV, Downton Abbey is full of splendid suits, and it's a great show.
Pantherella socks for me.
Hats off to the blokes at Mensbiz in the Royal Arcade. I've always had a good online experience with them, so visiting Melbourne I went into the shop for a squiz and decided to get a neckshave. They didn't charge me.    Also went to Double Monk, what an amazing shop.
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