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 I agree about the jacket sleeve length, and I'll take another look at the trousers and shoulders since you mention them. Cheers for the advice, Gerry.
Fitpic from this evening's outing: [[SPOILER]]   Details: [[SPOILER]]  Criticism/advice welcomed.
[[SPOILER]]  Thanks for the tips gents.
Does anyone have any tips for removing "tram tracks" (the double crease due to not ironing in exactly the same place) from trousers?
 You could try Falkingham's in Bondi Junction. Or Brices in Castlereagh St (I think they have some connection with Coombs, but not too sure)
Pantherella etc for about $16 at DJ's.
I was just in Myer (in Sydney), I noticed that they have Falke socks, but only in sizes from UK8.5 up.
On the subject of altering shirts, is it easy/economical to shorten sleeves?
You have my deepest sympathy TBM.
I just noticed on DJ's website that there are a few Pantherella socks for about $12 (mainly for larger feet, but there's a few mediums available) . And if you buy 2 or more pairs, they'll give you a further 10% discount (online only).   Link
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