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[[SPOILER]] Thanks so much for your comprehensive advice. Cheers.
I'm pleased to report that he still is. Viz is not as funny as it used to be though.
I was looking at a sportscoat that was a silk-wool blend, roughly 50-50.    Does anyone have any idea how it would wear? Would such a high percentage of silk make it hot? Would it be difficult to clean?   Any comments appreciated.
 What a tiit.
Anyone in Sydney used Queens Alterations in the QVB?   If so, how was your experience?
 Try Voi, Castlreagh St just around the corner from King St, upstairs.
Thanks so much. Any recommendation as to where? Always interested in others' experiences.
Sydneysiders,   How much would I be looking at to get jacket sleeves taken up half an inch?
Just put these up in B&S.     Chestnut C&J Connaught (for Shipton and Heneage) in UK7.5F, which is their wide fitting.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/421257/c-j-connaught-x-shipton-heneage-uk7-5f-wide-in-chestnut/0_20
Lovely handmade shoes from Calzados Correa in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Here's the website: http://www.calzadoscorrea.com.ar/v2/index.html   The Correa thread can be viewed here:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/114852/calzados-correa-bespoke-shoes-in-argentina/0_20   The colour of these shoes is best described as chocolate. They have been worn about a dozen times.   The sole underneath the Topy is brand new.   Asking $250  $220  $199  $170 $140 $120  $99AUD plus...
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