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    Cheers gents.
Any idea who makes these?
Honestly, shoe sizing is a frustrating dark art. IMHO, there is no consistency across the brands.   I have however found that the shoes that fit best are a consistent length, in my case 30.0cm, which should be no great surprise of course, but this length varies between 7, 7.5 and 8UK, depending on the maker.   My advice is measure the length/width of your best fitting shoes to find a consistent average, and order accordingly after consulting the maker.   Good luck.
I dropped in 30 mins ago, they have at least one pair of 1880's for $195, and at least one other for $199.
Mate, go to Enrico Santi in Pitt St.    As recently as a few weeks ago, they still had some Loake1880's for $195.
Sydneysiders,   Zambelli warehouse final sale tomorrow.   1 Sydneham Road Marrickville   9am - 5pm   Their shirts are excellent value IMHO.
I confess to being surprised - Robinson's shoes did not have a St. Patrick's Day sale.   I shall let you know when they have their next one.
  Well, they had a sale on St. Pat's Day last year.   So one of us will be in for a surprise.
Gents, a heads-up,   A few weeks back I posted pics of my new shoes from Robinson's in Northern Ireland. Their own brand are indeed splendid shoes, thus:       I anticipate that they will probably have a St. Patrick's Day sale.   If anyone were thinking of purchasing from them, I would contact them now to consult about sizing, (you'll find the boss, Robin, is very helpful) and then wait for the sale to purchase.   Just a...
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