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I confess to being surprised - Robinson's shoes did not have a St. Patrick's Day sale.   I shall let you know when they have their next one.
  Well, they had a sale on St. Pat's Day last year.   So one of us will be in for a surprise.
Gents, a heads-up,   A few weeks back I posted pics of my new shoes from Robinson's in Northern Ireland. Their own brand are indeed splendid shoes, thus:       I anticipate that they will probably have a St. Patrick's Day sale.   If anyone were thinking of purchasing from them, I would contact them now to consult about sizing, (you'll find the boss, Robin, is very helpful) and then wait for the sale to purchase.   Just a...
Messina is the best ice-cream in Sydney, and probably in Australia.
Sydneysiders,   Final Zambelli sale this weekend.   9am - 5pm Sat & Sun.   1 Sydenham Road, Marrickville.   Shirts $10 - $25.
C&J Connaught   7.5E UK (outsole measurements are 29.6cm x 10.3cm)   Worn only about 8 times.   Topied   Original box and bags   $270+ postage    
Gents,   Further to my post yesterday, here are some photos from this morning:                             C&J Connaught 7.5E UK (outsole measurements are 29.6cm x 10.3cm) Very lightly worn Topied Original box and bags   $325 (+postage)
Congrats Jason on the birth of your daughter.   In other wonderful news, I have decided that my lovely C&J Connaughts are about 3mm too short. Why is that wonderful? Because someone here will have the opportunity to pick these up for a song somewhat less than a new pair.   They're only very lightly worn, size 7.5E UK, topied, and come with original box and bags.               Yours for $325 (trees not included, +postage as required).   PM...
Sydneysiders,   Zambelli sale this weekend.          THIS SATURDAY 9th & SUNDAY 10th FEBRUARY 9pm – 5pm 1 SYDENHAM RD, MARRICKVILLE
Cheers PoP.   Re. the customer service, actually, I found it to be mainly pretty good. Initially, I got in touch during a sale (St. Pat's day, FYI) to get some sizing advice, and Robin, the boss, and I went back and forth with photos and measurements and by the time he recommended a size, the sale was over. However, he gave me the discount anyway and a promise that if he got the sizing wrong, he would pay for return shipping. You can't argue with that.   As I said, there...
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