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Trap for young players: Sard wonder soap is a little too effective sometimes. I may have ruined my favourite trousers.    
Thanks for the tips fxh and FoXHound (son? ;) ). Imagine wool/cashmere trousers, in a jeans cut.  Burgundy you reckon. OK, I'll give it a bash.
Shameless plug - Cheaney in chestnut calf - 7.5G. A bargain at $140AUD plus shipping.   See signature link for more photos/details.    
What colour shoes can you wear with black casual pants?   It seems that only black would look right - any other opinions?
Belts?   Look no further:   http://www.slidebelts.com/collections/all
Gents,   Robinson's Shoemakers are having a sale this weekend. 25% off and free delivery if your order total is >150 quid.   Coupon code is BDAY61.
[[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]] Thanks gents.
So, in preparation for having the sleeves on my jacket shortened.....   [[SPOILER]]   .....I went along to the Zegna department in DJs and asked them who they use for their alterations. The (very helpful) gent gave me a card for Tomassetti Tailoring, in Market Street. Any Sydneysiders used them?
Thanks MD, much appreciated.
 I agree about the jacket sleeve length, and I'll take another look at the trousers and shoulders since you mention them. Cheers for the advice, Gerry.
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