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Sydneysiders,   How much would I be looking at to get jacket sleeves taken up half an inch?
Just put these up in B&S.     Chestnut C&J Connaught (for Shipton and Heneage) in UK7.5F, which is their wide fitting.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/421257/c-j-connaught-x-shipton-heneage-uk7-5f-wide-in-chestnut/0_20
Lovely handmade shoes from Calzados Correa in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Here's the website: http://www.calzadoscorrea.com.ar/v2/index.html   The Correa thread can be viewed here:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/114852/calzados-correa-bespoke-shoes-in-argentina/0_20   The colour of these shoes is best described as chocolate. They have been worn about a dozen times.   The sole underneath the Topy is brand new.   Asking $250  $220  $199  $170 $140 $120  $99AUD plus...
Almost new. Worn less than 10 times. Beautiful shoes, but just not working for me.   These are incorrectly marked 7.5E, but they are in fact 7.5F, being a wide fitting.   The sole is brand new underneath the Topy.   There is a tiny mark on the left shoe, see last pic. It's unnoticeable to anyone except Superman and the future buyer.   Asking $295 $275AUD plus postage.
Thanks for the input re. my question about orphaned suit jackets. Much appreciated.   Next question - if you let out a sleeve on a jacket, wouldn't there always be a visible crease near the end of the sleeve?
Gents, a question: orphaned suit jacket as a sport coat, yes or no?
Recent purchase:   http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/purplegold-wool-backed-printed-silk-scarf/   I'm pretty sure I got the last one.   Just superb!   Thanks so much Jason.
I have two pairs of Robinsons shoes - they're fantastic.
Does anyone have any experience of Michelangelo, the Isaia diffusion line (I believe)? Any opinions one way or another?
Here's a few interesting things for Sydneysiders:   1) There's a couple of pairs of Loake 1880 for under $300 in Enrico Santi in Pitt St. One was a brown size 8 monkstrap, the other a tan brogue, can't remember the size, but bigger than 8. Good value.   2) The guy at Eastpoint Shoes in the Edgecliff Centre said he can replace a goodyear welted sole. He has the equipment, he's an authorised RMW repairer and it costs $120 for a full sole.   3) In the course of the last...
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