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[[SPOILER]]  I found a solution (see what I did there?). Went to Lincraft, got some dye, followed the instructions, and voila:   A small victory.
 Do you know Brendon, it did actually cross my mind when I posted earlier that someone might have a little snigger at the unfortunate colour/position of said stain, but I thought to myself "No, those guys on SF are an urbane, sophisticated lot, and it wouldn't even cross their minds." So I went ahead with my public service announcement so that no other reader would suffer the same fate by splashing something inappropriate on their favourite pair....of trousers. Clearly,...
Trap for young players: Sard wonder soap is a little too effective sometimes. I may have ruined my favourite trousers.    
Thanks for the tips fxh and FoXHound (son? ;) ). Imagine wool/cashmere trousers, in a jeans cut.  Burgundy you reckon. OK, I'll give it a bash.
Shameless plug - Cheaney in chestnut calf - 7.5G. A bargain at $140AUD plus shipping.   See signature link for more photos/details.    
What colour shoes can you wear with black casual pants?   It seems that only black would look right - any other opinions?
Belts?   Look no further:   http://www.slidebelts.com/collections/all
Gents,   Robinson's Shoemakers are having a sale this weekend. 25% off and free delivery if your order total is >150 quid.   Coupon code is BDAY61.
[[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]] Thanks gents.
So, in preparation for having the sleeves on my jacket shortened.....   [[SPOILER]]   .....I went along to the Zegna department in DJs and asked them who they use for their alterations. The (very helpful) gent gave me a card for Tomassetti Tailoring, in Market Street. Any Sydneysiders used them?
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