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Fit pic from today:  
No idea, sorry. I've never been to either. I did walk up to have a squiz at Suit Shop once, saw a bloke inside not wearing socks, kept walking.  [[SPOILER]]  But I'll say that my first shirt from Kaz is the best shirt I've ever had in terms of fit - it fits exactly the way I hoped it would, exactly the way I wish all my shirts fit. So, I went back and got another one. 
I just placed my second new shirt order with Kazuna over the weekend.   Already, I can't wait to get my third one.
Aeroplane    All jokes aside, I bought it on ebay, wore it twice, decided it was a fraction too big.
Yep, 28 Degrees for purchases (but always watch out for DCC, Dynamic Currency Conversion), Citibank Visa Debit for cash.
The 28 Degrees Mastercard is truly awesome.
I'm not up with what's cool any more. Is limping quickly to catch a taxi that was blocking a bus lane cool? Or is it the very definition of lame?
A casualty from this evening: (
I think Penrose have some superb designs. You can get the at Henry Bucks, or online.
I've done it. It turned out brilliant. Can't wait to get another one.
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