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I've got a pair of unused Woodlore Ultra shoe trees in size M that I don't need. PM me if interested.
Was always a big fan of the Charcoal Restaurant on London Circuit. 
I've had a few shirt sleeves shortened at Vic Tomassetti's, upstairs on the corner of Market and York.
There's a write-up about Oscar Hunt in today's Australian for those interested.
I've got three shirts from Kazuna. I'm looking forward to getting my fourth.
Thanks for your very informative replies, JM and Cox. Much appreciated. The problem probably is due to low-quality stainless steel. I'll have to make sure that my replacement watch is either titanium, or high-quality stainless steel.
Does anyone here wear a titanium watch?   I ask because I'm allergic to stainless steel, and I've recently discovered that a possible solution is a titanium watch.   Any experience/recommendations?
Fitpic from this evening:   [[SPOILER]]
Anyone need 8G of laptop memory?   Bought in error for $50, happy to consider offers.   Details here:
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