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I nominate Blue Murder.
Have to disagree with fxh, I've had the same umbrella for 8 years and counting. It's an automatic-opening one, a Clifton, and cost me $40 from Strand Hatters 8 years ago. 10/10 would buy again.
I've bought 4 shirts from Kazuna, and going back for a 5th very soon.
Thanks for the tips gents.
Would anyone care to recommend some nice shaving cream? I'm just about to run out of TOBS Sandalwood, thought I might try something different.
Swensen's ice-cream. Sensational!
I've got a pair of unused Woodlore Ultra shoe trees in size M that I don't need. PM me if interested.
Was always a big fan of the Charcoal Restaurant on London Circuit. 
I've had a few shirt sleeves shortened at Vic Tomassetti's, upstairs on the corner of Market and York.
There's a write-up about Oscar Hunt in today's Australian for those interested.   http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/oscar-hunts-tailormade-solution-to-suit-corporates/news-story/02565da08da30cd45248e21c702fe2af
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