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I've been a customer three times at ET. I returned something a while back, and any lag in our comms was more than compensated for by the fact that  Shaya was an absolute gent about it, even though the problem wasn't his fault (goddamn Penrose cufflinks).   I think he's a very busy man. So just try again, and he'll get back to you I'm sure.
A very good price on some Church Sawleys   http://www.kurtgeiger.com/men/shoes/formal/sawley-derby-tan-leather-46-church-shoe.html
  Not if you're in Sydney and you want the ones in my signature below.   $260 and they're yours. They really are almost new.   PM me if interested.   (Please forgive my shameless plug).
Thanks mate. Come and try on the shoes and you can see it for yourself!
  As I live in Australia, it would hardly have been worthwhile to buy them (from the States), have them sent here, send them back and then have them sent here again.   As I said, I gambled and lost. But I probably won't lose much.
Just had these babies done by B. Nelson. Bought on ebay, had them sent to B. Nelson, Nick fixed them up and sent them to me. Splendid job.       The downside is that I gambled and lost - they're a tad too small.   But hats off to B. Nelson - great stuff, and highly recommended.
FYI, from the Cool Shoes, Paraetc thread:     AS Exclusive for 250 GBP (assuming you're outside EU, so no VAT, no idea about shipping...
  Hey Nolvadex,   I had the same problem with a pair of AEs. So I wrote to the company and asked them for their advice. Here's what they said:   Mold growth is likely to happen whenever the conditions are right. All it needs is moisture, which could be from wet sidewalks, but usually it is from foot perspiration. Warmth, and Bacteria which is everywhere. There are a couple of things you can do to help avoid this. First of all don't wear your shoes every day. Your shoes...
New Posts  All Forums: