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Mate, there were a pair of Loake 1880s at Enrico Santi in Pitt St as recently as last week for $195.
On the other hand, if you do get trees that are marginally too big, there's always sandpaper.
Melbournites,   Just found out about a shop at 53 Smith St Fitzroy called Double Monk - anyone been?   Edit: Sorry, I should explain - the http://www.gjcleverley.co.uk/ website says that as of August 2012, they're the stockist of George Cleverley shoes in Australia.   So, anyone checked it out?
It's not really that far from Town Hall, it's just opposite World Square. As to their range of shoes, they mainly have L'Stony, their own brand and a few Loakes. Didn't notice the names of the individual models except for the Hilton, sorry.
Quite sure. My eyes/brain might have played tricks on me, but I don't think so. I was quite surprised too.
Sydneysiders,   Just seen in Enrico Santi in Pitt St, a sale sign. Went in and found that they have several pairs of Loakes on sale, including a nice pair of these 1880s for $195.     Cheers, Eightace
About 3 barleycorns too big, so it won't be me. Good luck CD!
Found on ebay - C&J Belgrave 10.5. Bound to suit someone here.
Howdy neighbour!
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