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I'd be interested in dark green too - did you get an answer about this? 
Hoping to order some pants from Luxire soon.   Can anyone advise whether any of their pants fabrics are brushed cotton?
Sydneysiders,   Henry Bucks sale is now on instore (apologies if previously mentioned).
Woodlore Ultras are $USD25.11 on Amazon at the moment.
Gents, does anyone have Lands' End moleskins?   If so, would you have any sizing advice?   Do they shrink in the wash?   Cheers,   Eightace
Forget Vince & Moloney, get yourself to Lowes!  
Only if it fits.
Years before I discovered SF, I bought a suit from Anthony Squires. Lovely fabric, it seems to be well-made, but I realised later that it didn't really fit well. I have had it altered, but it still doesn't look right, and now I've spent as much as a good MTM suit would cost.TLDR: don't mess around, go MTM.
Recently visited Buenos Aires (a spectacular city, by the way). Found this place:   http://www.calzadoscorrea.com.ar/home.htm   and bought these:         It's an amazing shop. I wish I had had more time there.
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