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Sydneysiders,   Henry Bucks sale is now on instore (apologies if previously mentioned).
Woodlore Ultras are $USD25.11 on Amazon at the moment.
Gents, does anyone have Lands' End moleskins?   If so, would you have any sizing advice?   Do they shrink in the wash?   Cheers,   Eightace
Forget Vince & Moloney, get yourself to Lowes!  
Only if it fits.
Years before I discovered SF, I bought a suit from Anthony Squires. Lovely fabric, it seems to be well-made, but I realised later that it didn't really fit well. I have had it altered, but it still doesn't look right, and now I've spent as much as a good MTM suit would cost.TLDR: don't mess around, go MTM.
Recently visited Buenos Aires (a spectacular city, by the way). Found this place:   http://www.calzadoscorrea.com.ar/home.htm   and bought these:         It's an amazing shop. I wish I had had more time there.
  Oufit today:   Items include C&J Connaught, Henry Carter pocket square, Ateseta tie, Zambelli shirt and Anthony Squires suit.   The missus said I scrubbed up all right. 
Gents, three things:   Congrats to Coxsackie, and   Robinsons sent me an email - use 'CUSTOMER10' to get an extra 10% off their clearance items, and   A shameless plug - just put up a classified for a pair of Cheaneys from their signature range:     Details in the signature link.
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