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Thanks for the input re. my question about orphaned suit jackets. Much appreciated.   Next question - if you let out a sleeve on a jacket, wouldn't there always be a visible crease near the end of the sleeve?
Gents, a question: orphaned suit jacket as a sport coat, yes or no?
Recent purchase:   I'm pretty sure I got the last one.   Just superb!   Thanks so much Jason.
I have two pairs of Robinsons shoes - they're fantastic.
Does anyone have any experience of Michelangelo, the Isaia diffusion line (I believe)? Any opinions one way or another?
Here's a few interesting things for Sydneysiders:   1) There's a couple of pairs of Loake 1880 for under $300 in Enrico Santi in Pitt St. One was a brown size 8 monkstrap, the other a tan brogue, can't remember the size, but bigger than 8. Good value.   2) The guy at Eastpoint Shoes in the Edgecliff Centre said he can replace a goodyear welted sole. He has the equipment, he's an authorised RMW repairer and it costs $120 for a full sole.   3) In the course of the last...
I'd be interested in dark green too - did you get an answer about this? 
Hoping to order some pants from Luxire soon.   Can anyone advise whether any of their pants fabrics are brushed cotton?
Sydneysiders,   Henry Bucks sale is now on instore (apologies if previously mentioned).
Woodlore Ultras are $USD25.11 on Amazon at the moment.
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