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C&J Connaught   7.5E UK (outsole measurements are 29.6cm x 10.3cm)   Worn only about 8 times.   Topied   Original box and bags   $270+ postage    
Gents,   Further to my post yesterday, here are some photos from this morning:                             C&J Connaught 7.5E UK (outsole measurements are 29.6cm x 10.3cm) Very lightly worn Topied Original box and bags   $325 (+postage)
Congrats Jason on the birth of your daughter.   In other wonderful news, I have decided that my lovely C&J Connaughts are about 3mm too short. Why is that wonderful? Because someone here will have the opportunity to pick these up for a song somewhat less than a new pair.   They're only very lightly worn, size 7.5E UK, topied, and come with original box and bags.               Yours for $325 (trees not included, +postage as required).   PM...
Sydneysiders,   Zambelli sale this weekend.          THIS SATURDAY 9th & SUNDAY 10th FEBRUARY 9pm – 5pm 1 SYDENHAM RD, MARRICKVILLE
Cheers PoP.   Re. the customer service, actually, I found it to be mainly pretty good. Initially, I got in touch during a sale (St. Pat's day, FYI) to get some sizing advice, and Robin, the boss, and I went back and forth with photos and measurements and by the time he recommended a size, the sale was over. However, he gave me the discount anyway and a promise that if he got the sizing wrong, he would pay for return shipping. You can't argue with that.   As I said, there...
Yes, I've made my fair share of mi$take$.   But sorted now, I think.
  Fnarr fnarr!     I ordered these when they had a sale, so I actually only ended up paying about $300 delivered. Bargain, I reckon.
Gents,   These arrived today.    They're from Robinson's Shoemakers in Northern Ireland.   It was a bit of a wait, as they had some production problems, but the final product is very good.                     So...................................................Topy? 
Mate, try 'Lafite' socks, available at Myer or online. Most are made in Australia and most have a 1 year guarantee! At about $12/pair, that's an absolute bargain.
  CD,   This might interest you.   http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/310084-Alden-Shoe-Restoration-v-B-Nelson-Shoe-Restoration   Actually, it will probably interest anyone looking at getting their shoes restored.   Cheers, Eightace
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