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  Oufit today:   Items include C&J Connaught, Henry Carter pocket square, Ateseta tie, Zambelli shirt and Anthony Squires suit.   The missus said I scrubbed up all right. 
Gents, three things:   Congrats to Coxsackie, and   Robinsons sent me an email - use 'CUSTOMER10' to get an extra 10% off their clearance items, and   A shameless plug - just put up a classified for a pair of Cheaneys from their signature range:     Details in the signature link.
Shameless plug:   Just put a new classified up for a pair of Cheaney Signature range oxfords size UK7.5 in G-width.         Details here.   Cheers,   Eightace
An excellent pair of Cheaney Signature Collection plain captoe oxfords in chestnut.   They're size 7.5UK, in a G-width, on the 2003 last.   The leather is very soft, and every bit as nice a C&J benchgrade.   Lightly worn, in excellent condition.   Come with bags pictured.   Asking $175  $160   $150 $140AUD + postage (&fees if applicable).
Don't know about cafes, but don't miss the following: Vejuiceria in Llankelly Place. Paperbox Thai in Victoria St (on the Darlinghurst/Paddington side) - best laksa in Sydney. Cafe Messina further along Victoria St - best ice-cream in Australia.
Spoke to a couple of tailors - confirmed as flannel.
If you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, try these:   http://www.robinsonsshoes.com/   They're having a sale up to 40% off, and they have free worldwide delivery. Their own brand are very nice, by the way.   Also, I just got an email from Pediwear saying they're having a sale.   For Sydneysiders, lastly, I got a Groupon email offering a MTM shirt for $49 at a place in...
Sometimes I do too!
No worries mate, glad to be able to help.Merry Christmas to all.
Happy to be of service!
New Posts  All Forums: