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For Sydneysiders, an RM Williams sale: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/256450
You think that's bad. I posted a fitpic 2 days ago and didn't get one single thumbs up. Now that's crushing.
Fitpic from today:    [[SPOILER]]  Just like the cufflinks, better in real life.
Agreed re. the op shops for cufflinks. But I needed new ones for a gift.   Stumbled upon some nice cufflinks in the QVB, at a shop called Baroque Jewellery. A nice simple design in lapis-lazuli, MOP and sterling silver.     Thanks again to everyone for the suggestions.
Thanks for the tips re. cufflinks gents, I'll check them out.
Gents,   Any suggestions for quality cufflinks in Sydney? (Not novelty ones)   Been to Henry Bucks and DJs, would be grateful for any other suggestions.   Cheers,   Eightace
I just used them for the first time recently. I took the various prescribed measurements of a pair of trousers I really liked and plugged them into the Luxire site. I chose a fabric* in a colour that I thought I might like. 2 weeks later I had a brand new pair of pants that fit superbly.  *Trap for young players - when choosing a fabric, it's worth knowing something about fabric weights, as I inadvertently chose a very heavy fabric, only suitable for winter, so I haven't...
I nominate Blue Murder.
Have to disagree with fxh, I've had the same umbrella for 8 years and counting. It's an automatic-opening one, a Clifton, and cost me $40 from Strand Hatters 8 years ago. 10/10 would buy again.
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