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What about these?  
Thinking of buying these boots to wear on casual Fridays with jeans at the office. Would you wear jeans over the boot, or do a roll?,default,pd.html?q=SeaVees  
So GQ writes that point collars "look dated these days" and spread collar is the new standard.   True, or just them responding to a trend, and I should be expecting an article in two years about how spread collars are the classic look?
    Pretty much...jeans and a blazer. Best example is Tom Ford. I've never seen him anything but a white shirt and black suit and I don't think anyone questions his creativity.
to wear a blue oxford to work every day? Not the exact same shirt, but the same style. Getting kind of bored trying to match tie and shirt during the morning rush of trying to get out of the house and thinking of just going with simplicity of a nice crisp blue shirt and a different tie.
So I have quite a collection of Steven Alan shirts in all sorts of patterns. Usually for work I've been wearing them with just a solid knit tie of the black, blue, or grey variety. Any ideas on how to change it up to escape the boredom?
Thanks for the support. Browsing through some of these threads, it feels like I'm committing a cardinal sin.   I'd like to keep a blazer at work whenever it gets chilly, but do agree that a navy one probably wouldn't mesh too well with black pants. Any suggestions on where to get a solid gray one in a more trimmer fit?
I do have a couple of dark blue trousers. I haven't had the best of luck with finding dark grey trousers that are a slimmer fit that won't break the bank. I'm 5'11", 155 lbs so most American cuts are too baggy for my tastes.
New user, long time lurker.   So I have to ask? What's really wrong with black trousers? It seems to be really hated around these parts. I get that if you just wear a white shirt, you'll look like the waiter. But for my office, a suit would be too formal. So I usually do a slim black trouser/patterned shirt/knit tie combo, and works reasonably well. I just find khakis to look so informal and casual, and have yet to find a pair that seem appropriate.   Or am I...
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