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The wedding is in the evening?  If it were me I would look first at some discount online RTW sources.  You can find them by searching this site for sure.   You might also try a euro size 48.  There may be more selection there than a 39S and you'll probably need sleeves adjusted anyway.
I guess a tailcoat's really more a jacket than a coat b/c you wear an overcoat over a tailcoat, as opposed to morning coats.
Great photos!  See any less structured smoking/dinner jackets?  Hoping to find something other than wool to throw on at home.  Such as...
Back in the day some men dressed for dinner in formal clothes every night.    First the tux became popular as a less formal alternative to full dress.    Then, about a hundred years ago, some would wear a lounge suit as a more comfortable alternative for more casual dinners, with two buttons, maybe in wool/silk, with a turndown collar and black bowtie.     So, if we were to come up with dinner clothes today, that some of us might practically wear nightly,...
Maybe Jacob Cohen. I wouldn't buy jeans from a company not known for denim, even Kiton.
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