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Looking to trade my TOJ1 2011 varsity stock size 52 (gray body/ white sleeves / digicamo reverse) for a size 50 varisty or baseball jacket. thanks!
U still sellin these?
I got my black achilles mids 2 weeks ago( Thanks Harbin!) and they haven't left my feet! I just think all these expensive purchases should just be worn and enjoyed! I'm indoors most of the time since i work in a hospital and other clinics, but i'm not scared to take them outdoors or commute in them either. Here they are fresh off the box: For sizing questions: these are EU 44 and im an 11 in vans and nike, 10.5 in clarks db's and chucks. The fit a hair loose,...
Hi! im experiencing something weird when i visit styleforum. whenever i open a page of the browser, i see myself logged in as a different user (MrUnicorn) i logout and i am transferred to facebook. When i check my styleforum messages, im logged in again as myself (PanDaDog). how do i remedy this? 
  lucky you! i had to buy mine..
here are a few pics of the alpha khakis..            
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