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Deals running today only for shell. For some reason my last post got marked as spam. Sorry!
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! To hit the ground running on a Monday back I am offering a pretty special Cyber Monday deal (25% off) on all of our shell cordovan items. As always the address is You can use the coupon code: shellsale   If Horween Chromexcel is more of your style we are giving a 25% off deal on those all week. code is: thanks25   As a heads up: we only have a couple of everything so things are going quickly today!
Wow that sure wore in great!
Thank you guys for the kind words. Let's keep the shell cordovan wallet pictures coming!   I hope to show some pictures of some rare shell colors soon: Intense Blue, Dark Green, and Color #2 (a reddish brown)
Shell will develop the beautiful patina we all want more quickly on a wallet than boots or shoes because it is constantly being polished in your pocket. Your body also helps by adding a little moisture and by putting pressure on a wallet.   My whiskey shell cordovan wallet I've used for almost 6 years now is basically a dark golden brown at this point.
Definitely Kreis from Germany. They're pretty expensive it seems!
Those look like they are from Kreis -- He makes beautiful, beautiful stuff!
Coinopcollector:   You're welcome -- I'm really glad you like the wallet as much as I do. You have a very special piece of black marbled shell there. Excited to see how that breaks in!   Is it shining up for you yet?
Definitely shell. Give them a brushing at least to clean them up? They look pretty scuffed too. I'd give 'em $100 on ebay if they were cleaned up.
I'll second AE Black Hills in Chestnut or Black. They definitely look better in person and they are really comfortable.
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