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Fully agreed. Almost evrything is about self conscious to a certain extent. My FW15 navy piece is on the way. I think it looks nice over just a shirt too.
^ Thanks. I must take a closer look.
Anyone knows the difference between the Infinity Button Scarf & the Button Shawl?
Another delivery @ TBB
I like the Copeland Suit, I think it's more versatile. Judging from the fit pics @ TBB, I'll need a XS (if there's one)
Both online @ TBB now.
Nice stuff with a few iconic pieces. But if you are talking about the BDU, I prefer the EG model.
^ Me too, I'm also undecided on which I like more - Olive or Dark Navy.
Fit is spot-on! Makes me wanna grab one too, but price is abit costly & hard to swallow. That's Vis.........
You made a good choice!!!
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