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Totally unrelated & off topic - any kind souls in the UK who's willing to proxy a pair of Converse for me, please send a PM to me. Thanks.
I'm very tempted by rift. Hope for your comment on the sizing.
The official look book is out.     http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/brands/2016fw/eg.html
Most said tts but I size-down. I remembered someone said in the SS15 or AW15 thread that sizing down was fine but the sleeves maybe be short. For me, the sleeves are always on the long side, hence I took a chance after looking at a few measurements. I'm happy with the fit. I can still fit a shirt comfortably under the BDU. It depends on your body shape & how you fit in your usual EG size ie. whether you fit small, comfortably or borderly tight in your EG size.
Would be great to see your fit pic. Btw, what size did you get?
^ I'm curious too !
@ beedub - minty kazuki    Mine was gone a couple of years
@ ricebomb - from the photos, the fit looks good to me, not big at all, although I understand the actual fit maybe bigger than what the photos appear to be.   I'm more or less the same physique as you & wear S in Bedford as well.
Thanks @ Cole87, NXNW & thekunk07   @Cole87, 10% off the current season is quite a good deal. Rock it well.   It's easy to decide if the measurements are accurate. As with EG, different fabrics are cut slightly differently, though not too much. But, it matters to me to get the get fit. Plus, I do not have the luxury of trying before buying & I wanna avoid having to return, which means may have to spend 3x on shipping & it can be quite substantial for me, being on the...
Thanks @ Cole87.   I was previously an XS but wearing mostly S now. I still can wear my XS outer wear & shirt, but shirt in S is more comfy for me now.   As usual, online measurements are all over the place. XS's measurements seem big which confuse & hinder my decision. 
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