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@ Fycus - Noted with thanks.
It's better after breaking in. Length & width wise is just nice. I can only wear a medium thick sock & no insole insert. I would very much prefer to have insole insert for better cushion. I think 7 would be good in your case. 1035 last seems to be popular these days.
Anyone owns the Pawnee? Any comments on the fitting? The shoulder measurement looks small.   I'm a size 1 in shirt but sometimes a size 2 in the jacket, eg. 101.
   Thanks for the feedback & advice. I'm a 7D / 7E Barrie & is wearing 6.5 Oxford in 2030. I can probably take a 7 in 2030 as my 6.5 is snug. I'm looking at a 7 Chukka in 1035 as that's the smallest available. May wanna cop after X'mas. 
Sorry, this was a post a few pages earlier about the fitting difference between 1035 & 2030 last. Just to clarify, sizing down half against 2030 or Barrie? Thanks.
Fully agreed, at least I'm on the same track. I would say all luxury merchandises are overpriced. So, spend money to be happy & not sulk over it. Else, have a refund.
I like it though, minus the apron.
Navy tends to be my first choice. I think olive should go well with beige, khaki, navy & denim. Thanks.
Which is more versatile? Olive or Navy Moleskin Bedford?
Thanks for the assurance.
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