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@ Knight - how you size your Waders?
Anyone has new info on the Sock Dart? Colourways?
Can anyone advises on the sizing of the Roshe x Fragment? Hoping to get one from the open market.
Is 28 your usual size? How's the size compares to the AW13 pants if you have one? I'm also a 28 but the SS & AW models differ quite alot in the waist measurement. AW model is alot smaller & if I bases on the AW model, then I can size up. At the same time, I'm afraid it fits like the SS model & sizing up would be a disaster.
 I have the SS14 version of this, fits big though. Not too sure about the AW version. Needles generally fits big IMO.
I'm most likely a 1 from the info I gathered.   Hopefully I can get a pair, but it's a tough choice between the Brown & Antique. Brown looks vintage to me & like a finished product while Antique would probably evolve like the Natural CXL, aged & patina. 
^ that's sweet.   I emailed to ask about the Oxford with Vibram. Not sure if I'll get a reply.
@ Alex - Thanks for the info.   I'm browsing their site now & liking their plain toe oxford with the Vibram. Considering all my options now.   Sorry for the off topics discussion here.
@ Alex - is yours CXL or Cow Leather?
@ Alex - how's the quality of Moto? Where did you get them?
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