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^ I'm also in the fitted camp. It dioes look abit longish to me. But, more importantly, it's the image & identity that you wanna achieve. If you feel good & confident, that's good enough, IMO. 
The natural / white pair is so clean !
^ Correct me if I'm wrong. The actual waist measurement is always at least 1-2'' bigger than the tag size. I have a 30 waist & is wearing an XS from last spring. I also want to get a pair but is very unsure.   Unless they have changed the fitting this season, I'm not sure, which is not surprising too given their track record of tweaking their sizing.   Someone with size 30 or 32 (S or M) may want to chip in. Thanks.
A quick sizing question - For the same fit (ie. slim fit), who I stay on the same size in the damaged / washed as in the one wash? I have only a pair in the one wash.   Appreciate any inputs. Thanks. 
^ Only 2 models got voted in out of the numerous proposals?
Vis S is the size for you. TB is slimmer while Vis should be more roomy & comfy.
Does the Slim Fit raw & washed have the same waist measurement? There's no measurement given in their web. I only have the raw (actually it's a one-wash model) & is looking at the washed model.   Anyone familiar or has expericence, please advise. Thanks.
^^ Thanks Ken
Can those who owned the Vans advise on the sizing? Fits a half / one size bigger? Thanks. 
Looks like I'm gonna be out of luck again even though there's a kind soul willing to proxy for me. Fingers crossed ............
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