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Nice SS15. SS is always the time when I pick up most stuff 
I think my best bet is still the Japanese stores / online. Nep NY do not send overseas. Still, thanks for the info.
Indeed disappointing! With so many years of shoes making experience, such thing should not happen. Even if it's a manufacturing fault, it should not get past the QC department & shipped to customer.
  Thanks for all the inputs. I'm a XS in EG's shirt. The R&T size S measurements look ok but not sure if it's too roomy. Does R&T make XS?
Anyone owns the R&T shirt before? Any comments on the fit?
Very nice CXL, the Horsehide would look equally stunning. The beauty of CXL is the ageing, just like raw indigo denim. By the way, what last is the CXL?   The grey kudu is not so appealing from the photos, but it could look totally fantastic in the flesh. I guess I'll not consider the Derby pair in Haven.
Please post some Kudu fit photos. Thanks.
Anyone got the Sweater Knit Hooded Interliner? Would love to see the style co-ordination.   Not much going for me this season, only got the Button Shawl.
 How's the grey reverse kudu looks like in the flesh? It always appears to be khaki / beige to me from my screen.
Even though I'm after the Oxford / Derby, I must say the mini ripple #20 looks fantastic. The overall look is just so pleasing. But, I'm not going for it as I have too many suede boots (Virgil).   Is the Tan Bison going to age / patina well? Looks like it'll not, I may be wrong though.   
New Posts  All Forums: