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1) "Route 66" Model: Chukka Last: 110 Leather: Tan Calf Tongue: Tan Calf Eyelets: 3 hidden eyelets Sole: Crepe with sole unit (as opposed to wedge) Notes: Stitchdown construction 2) "Desert Stalwart" Model: Trench Boot Last: 1035 Leather: Tan Horse Tongue: Tan Horse Eyelets: 7 antique brass Sole: Crepe with sole unit (as opposed to wedge) Notes: Stitchdown construction 3) "Modern Boondocker" Model: Service Boot Last: 1035 Leather: Roughout Natural CXL Eyelets: 7 Antique...
For added style & identity. Maybe I have poor taste, my bad!
I'm 140, abt the same build, is S in shirt & XS / S in outer wear / jacket. Previously was XS in all.   The problem is if the shoulder fits, the chest & length may not be ideal. I thought of getting the shop coat in S & have the length altered, as the XS & S are not too much of a difference. But judging from the measurements of S, the rest of the areas maybe too big & it's hard to hunt down an XS.
Ok & let's keep it simple, not to complicate matter. Hence, the "Sample Inspired" Derby is very likely going to be the Beige Cafe in 2030 last with Dainite sole, hidden Eyelets with no pull tab.
I'm fine with either tan horse or beige cafe & I'll probably settle on the dainite sole. It's the last that I'm not sure because I only have experience with my one & only, 145 Derby in the 2030 last. I noticed all but one derby in the Viberg web are on the 1035 last. So, should it be 2030 or 1035? Will brass eyelets or pull tab spoil the overall look?
So you bought the XS? Is that your usual EG size?
Roger. Maybe I did not make it clear enough. The specs for the Derby (Proposal #16) are already there except a few components not decided. Thus, those interested can maybe help to decide before the voting starts. Then, I'll finalise it.
Leather will be either the Tan Horse or Beige Cafe.
At least, there's hope for the Derby. All Derby lovers, please contribute & finetune on the specs to make it happens. The Last, Leather, Sole and maybe the Eyelets, can all be amended to make it more ideal for everyone. Let's do it!!!  Roger
Thanks Gary. Any price indication?
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