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They stopped a few seasons ago.
@ synthese - where to get that jacket? Thanks. Truly stunning!
SS16 looks outstanding! So many pieces to consider. I shall save on the AW15 collection.
The smallest men's size I know is 28. So yours is probably a ladies' size.
If you are thinking of moving the S Bedford, give me a PM. Thanks.
New boots should be up soon @ TBB, according to their IG post.
Yes, the 2060 profile is nicer than the wedge.
I intended to buy the 15SS BDU, but was sold out in my size. Would consider the herringbone.
 Agreed that with the crepe, it's more like a Desert than a Chukka. Crepe is the deal breaker for me. The vibram 2060 profile on the Chukka would be nice, like on the Nigel's model.
Thanks. I think the normal cotton model would be more suitable for me.
New Posts  All Forums: