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@Knight - Thanks mate. Will try to look for one in chambray to compliment my outfit. Looks pretty cool. Not too many retailers stocking this piece.
^ Knight, since you have both the Tablier & Nail Apron, which do you think is more versatile or easier to carry off?
Still as hype as ever. Probably only Supreme can beat that.
Need opinions here.   What do you guys think of the brown chromexcel unlined PTB with a commando sole? So far, I have only seen this pair with the single leather sole. Will the commando sole change the look? 
^ very nice kngr
 I wish the cuffs could be changed to those like the work shirt coverall instead of the current shirt cuff. It'll be a nice detail on the already awesome coat. 
^ 4 pairs per design
^ Luckily, there's nothing for me in their final shipment
^ That would be great. Looking forward to see how you are rocking it. Thought of getting the chambray piece.
Any thoughts on the Nail Apron? Anyone rocking it?
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