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^ Only 2 models got voted in out of the numerous proposals?
Vis S is the size for you. TB is slimmer while Vis should be more roomy & comfy.
Does the Slim Fit raw & washed have the same waist measurement? There's no measurement given in their web. I only have the raw (actually it's a one-wash model) & is looking at the washed model.   Anyone familiar or has expericence, please advise. Thanks.
^^ Thanks Ken
Can those who owned the Vans advise on the sizing? Fits a half / one size bigger? Thanks. 
Looks like I'm gonna be out of luck again even though there's a kind soul willing to proxy for me. Fingers crossed ............
^ Knight - where did you get the Scrimmage Vest? I'm looking for one too.
As usual for the past 3 seasons, will miss out!!!
 Thanks for the essential info so that I can plan my purchase. 
Abit OT - anyone brought from EG's Tokyo boutique before? Is it tax free?
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