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Anyone digging the Rebuilt Shooter Jacket? Kinda like it.
Final sale now on @ TBB
Looks the same as the SS14 model. I have the Denim piece. Wanted the Railroad Stripe, but out of size.
 Thank You !
 How's the fit on the 2030 compares to the 1035? I only have a pair of 145 Oxford in 2030 & not too sure how to size the 1035. Thanks.
^ Ryan, you are in luck. Congrats!!! Love to see your fit pics, it's been awhile.   I sat on a few items during sale for further mark down & they were all gone. So sad......
Absolutely loving the Needles SS15 collection !!!
@ nickp - in case you have mistaken, I was not referring to your fit pic. Yours is not baggy at all.   In any case, yours looks good.
Thanks for the info & advice. I'm usually a XS in EG shirt & outer wear. But lately, it seems that their XS outer wear is getting abit tighter on me. I was looking at the S & it looks a good fit but, it's sold out. The M measurements are not that much bigger. Thus I'm considering the M now. So, it's decision decision decision time!
^^ Roll it higher would make it look less baggy, IMO. But, baggy has its' own appeal.
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