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It's really good to know the AW16 well in advance so that we can plan our purchase & not make a rash purchase.
I like it !
Thanks Joe.   Looking at the measurements, they look big, even a size down seems pretty roomy. I'm typically S in shirts & Bedford, ocassionally XS in outer.   I really like the placement of the pockets.
^ Joe, what's the size of your coat? Your normal usual size?
 Yes, cop the Shawl Collar Knit Cardigan & USN Pant.
Just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone here, especially the EG community - A Very Merry & Peaceful Christmas !
SS16 1st drop are appearing in some Japanese online.   Perhaps Gary wants to start the ball rolling with a new thread?
Thanks for the info. I have a pair of the Slim One Washed Jean size 28. The waist is pretty fitting. So, I thought of going one size up to 29. But, reading about how inconsistent it can be, it puts me off abit. I'm more assured now.
Is the waist measurement (eg size 28) of the chino & denim jean the same?
Is your Portview the same size as your Bedford?
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