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HTM sells
anyone has a photo of the coverall? thanks.
When is the FK Lunarglide going to be released? This is going to make up for missing the Oreo
Many wearable pieces in the collection, not just for the catwalk.
I think if Accordion don't flipped the lapel & laced the CP nicely, it'll look better.
Thanks for your valueable advice. I only have the chance to try on the 4497 last fitting 5. UK6 is too tight & UK7 is way too loose. Thus, I reckon UK6.5 would be the right size, which incidentally is my usual UK size. However, from info I gathered in this thread, most said that 4444 last was half size bigger than the 4497 last & should size down. Hence, the doubt creeps in. Plus, the pair is a sale item & probably has no return policy. 
Can Gustin combine the shipping of 2 different orders but with the expected delivery dates close to each other? Anyone did this before?
Plenty of such people around
I'm 7D or E in Barrie and US8 in most sneakers. Will UK6.5 fitting 5 in 4444 last be too big? I don't own any Trickers at the moment & is thinking of grabbing a pair during sale.   Can anyone with sizing experience advises? Thanks.
I guess 7.5 is not a hot size. Is anyone willing to lend a helping hand? Thanks.
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