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TBB's EG 2nd drop is online now
 Suppose to be last week according to their IG, if I remember correctly.
Fortunately, nothing for me in TBB's first drop. Trying to curb my kop.   According to their IG, second drop will be next week.
I must say, all the collections look impressive. It's also nice to know there are many avid wearers of EG.  
Totally agreed. I'll usually buy a few items from each season to incorporate into my wardrobe. I may need to shift one or two (XS) due to size not fitting anymore.
^ It's good to know that you are still keeping past seasons items. I still have my first Work Shirt from the 09 / 10 season.
 Let us see your fit pics as well. It must be equally awesome!
Totally unrelated & off topic - any kind souls in the UK who's willing to proxy a pair of Converse for me, please send a PM to me. Thanks.
I'm very tempted by rift. Hope for your comment on the sizing.
The official look book is out.     http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/brands/2016fw/eg.html
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