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Heads up - EG x DM @ 180GBP online end of the week @ TBB.
​I'm also a small in shirt & most outerwear, how do you find the fitting on the chest & shoulder of the Aviator?
^ Would be nice to see how it fits on you
As usual, a few items to cop from this season. I have already got my first item on board, the Cross Print Long Scarf.
Thanks & I cop one in my Bedford size too. Let's see how it goes .........
​How do you find your BDU fitting by ordering the same size as your Bedford? Would sizing down still be good?
​There's a similar model releasing soon. IMO, looks nicer. Better luck on this if you intend on copping.
@ Gerry Nelson  - does the cords look more brownish or olive? Thanks.
TBB's EG 2nd drop is online now
 Suppose to be last week according to their IG, if I remember correctly.
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