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Even though I'm after the Oxford / Derby, I must say the mini ripple #20 looks fantastic. The overall look is just so pleasing. But, I'm not going for it as I have too many suede boots (Virgil).   Is the Tan Bison going to age / patina well? Looks like it'll not, I may be wrong though.   
I prefer Oxford or Derby and there's only one such make-up, #23. Tan Horsehide is nice & maybe, Midnight Kudu or Chicgo Tan Latigo could be considered.   I'm not sure if the Commando sole works though.
for a casual look, i prefer it to have the vibram sole. leather sole always makes it dressier
the incoming English Tan Latigo Derby @ SuperDenim looks awesome
too bad TBB don't stock xs anymore. they always have a good selection every season
Congrats Gary, Wishing you more 10 years to follow...........
@ Fycus - thanks for the info. i like the m41 too.
anyone handles the Nyco Reverse Sateen? is it thicker than the 13aw Reverse Sateen used in the Fatigue?   looking at the Coverall Jacket
i'm a xs in eg (shirt & outer wear). i once tried bedford a few seasons ago, the S was too tight on the shoulder while the M was abit too big overall, which i did not like the fit. until now, I have yet to purchase an eg jacket (bedford andover baker etc). i very much wanted to buy one, but with no chance of trying, it may be a costly mistake.
^ digging your outfist. i think your beard plays a part too   what's work shirt & bedford size?
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