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White shirt, red tie, what sort of suit?
Use a solid shirt maybe white or beige.
Please explain 'balance issues'.
When I wear a single vent suit jacket from the vent downwards the jacket hangs away from the body. Should it hang like this or continue straight down?
lime green
Which polo would work well with green chinos...yellow, orange or pink?
Wouldn't a grey tie work well?
As I like to wear brightly colored work shirts I do get some looks but I don't think they are 'dirty' looks - hopefully it is people looking because they think I look good but they could be thinking I look a complete idiot! Whatever the reason it's not worth worrying about - particularly if it people you have never met before and will never meet again.
By formal I meant shirts that you would wear with a tie rather than a casual shirt. I wasn't really thinking of a black tie event when I would always wear white.
I've been getting into bright colored formal shirts recently such as purple/red/orange rather than the normal white/grey. Some people say that men should try different colors whilst others prefer the classic colors. What is your opinion?
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