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I think it's hard to judge without seing the whole picture. It's all about proportions. Based on the images you have posted, yes, the one without shoulder pads win. If you post full-body-shots (please with clothes on) you'd get better feedback.
+1, and a big fat +1 to the herringshoes-idea. If you compare the pictures alone, you quickly see that the CK shoe can't even hold a candle in comparison. The Florsheim Derby is the only other shoe worth mentioning here. While it isn't an Oxford, like others have pointed out before, it looks half decent and I bet most ppl wouldn't be able to tell the difference to a 'proper' evening wear shoe. That being said, the options mentioned above are superior.
Okay. My daugther is only 1 year old.  But if a guy will ever show up dressed like in the initial posting for our first meeting, it'll raise suspicion with me.     I'd ditch at least the red PS. Esp. if they are conservative folks. Personally I'd probably wear a white linen PS and skip the tie. But hey, what do I know about US (?) family lunch traditions...
For a good reason. To me they look as out-of-place as high water skinny trousers. My personal rule: If I can't see the shoe laces any longer, I'll pass on the trousers (of have them tapered).
This is a must in summer:    >> The English Garden is a delight as long as the weather cooperates.   Also check out the Olympiapark, which has the (still) impressive olympic stadion => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympiastadion_(Munich)   In the Olympiapark there is the radio tower, if you like to see Munich from a bird's perspective, check it out.   If you're there and at least somewhat into cars, visit the BMW world. Even if you're not into cars, the...
+1 Milgauss fanboy here... I own the black-dial GV. Therefore I wish they'd discontinue the green bottle glass completely :) I too could live without the brushed elements on the bracelet. Makes it more flashy than it should be... because otherwise it's quite s stealth-model, apart from ppl who actually know the Milgauss most others have no clue it's a Rolex. Which is a good thing in my book. And yeah, it's heavy. For me on the edge of being unpractical. But then I love the...
I too prefer the DB vest! As a general question, are there any rules when it comes to combining non-matching vests with suits?I will be having my wedding in September, and I also think of wearing a vest with my navy suit. However, I'm thinking of silver or light grey. Thumbs up or a no-no?
Just by chance I stumbled over Thom Sweeney's MTM service today while browsing the net. I have no idea what the price range is here, but this would surely be a perfect occasion for such a suit, even if you have to spend a little bit more. http://thomsweeney.co.uk/#/services/made_to_measure.aspx
Thanks for the feedback! Well, that's what I had expected (and feared, unfortunately).I'll follow your advice to contact Luisa, but I will need the shoes in Mid-September, so I suppose it won't work out...
Sorry if it's already written some pages back, couldn't find it tho:   I was about to buy the black shell cordovan punched cap toe oxfords, but in the shell cordovan category there is only one (blucher) model listed at the moment ... what's going on here?
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