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I really like the use of the 'traditional' ties like shepherd's check, gingham or glen plaid.   More pics please 
The vintage Ingenieur is definitely a lovely watch. Actually the only good shot from their more recent palette I'd say. The only thing that makes it less dress-y are the lume markers, and probably the digital looking font of the date. But that's maybe not a problem in real life, I haven't seen one in person yet. Talking about the Zenith mentioned above: I have never seen that one before, but it seems to be a great model. As far as I can judge from the pictures the small...
Very nice look overall, I agree! I'm by no means an expert, but I think that a jacket with more natural shoulders would look less box-y, and also a lower button stance would flatter you more.
Hm, okay that's just a dirty photoshop mockup, but while I love the Mk XV I'd keep it on a black strap. Either black leather or black Nato. Sand Nato might work as well for a cool military look. FWIW, my previous boss used to carry her Mk XV Spitfire on a military green/muddy green Nato (not camou!). It looked stunning. But the Spitfire had a lighter, non-black dial. If you like the Hirsch strap, isn't that one available in 19/16 or what?
Hi!   I'm contemplating buying the dark brown calf Oxfords from the Classic collection. Does anyone have "real-life" pics of them, preferrably in combination with a whole outfit (pants hem + shoe at least)? Judging the pics on the website, the brown does not seem to be too dark actually. I wonder if that's just the combination of pic + my monitor settings or if they are really rather medium brown.   Thanks in advance & happy New Year!
Beautiful indeed! Personally I'd choose a slightly less reddish strap, and opt for a rich, dark brown one; but maybe it's just because of my monitor and/or the camera settings...
Recent pic of my Reverso GT
Shoes are fugly nevertheless. I know, who cares ... :)
Hm, so how would an Italian drive it?
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