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Awesome suit, made by ... ?
Cool watch! I def. prefer the LV over the Hulk. The former has just the right amount of green, different but still understated. The Hulk is, well, in-your-face. I see its appeal, but nothing I would choose.
Really cool lookin'!
Nothing to add unfortunately, except to say that this is a great looking suit, fits you really well. What model is it?
Dbl post, sorry
Beautiful collar! Shirt details please?
Awesome selection! In case you have pictures showing them worn with or sans tie, I'd be curious to see them. Especially interested in the collars.
That coat is dope!
Difficult to say without the chance to evaluate them in hand. Personally I am not a fan of a metal bracelet on the Reverso. They are incredibly lovely on a croc strap, so I'd buy such a new strap in either cases. B&P are not very important to me but they are definitely a huge plus if you sell it later. However, I'd rate the papers value much higher than the box value (you can easily buy the latter one separately). If the dial of watch B isn't unbearable I'd go for this...
Paging all IWC Mark XV owners or cognoscenti: is the bezel polished or brushed? Or, asked differently: can I try to remove a mild scratch with Cape Cod or would this ruin the finish?
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