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Thanks for the info, beautiful stuff!
Good question, those pockets must be deep anyway to house a fat MB Meisterstück!
Sorry to say, but to me it looks flat and lifeless. I've bent and curved my collar stays a bit to achieve some nice roll. I'd prefer it w/o collar stays however.
Do you use the supplied collar stays with the Soft Roma shirts? I never use them, but my Soft Roma collar points tend to 'fly away' without the stays, worn sans tie. Which is a shame, because it just doesn't make sense to me to wear a soft collar'd shirt with metal stays...Any trick to keep the points tucked under the jacket?
What shirt fabric is this if I may ask?
Additionally to midsection issue I also see some pulling at the topmost buttoned button. Witness the diagonal lines from the shoulder towards this button. I'm no expert but I think you also could slightly increase shoulder and/or chest width.
Any source for Eidos from an European online retailer available?
Thanks for your replies!   I have Borrelli on my watchlist, but I think your example makes it clear that such a dramatic roll as in the initial pictures can only be realized with (hidden) buttons.   Proper Cloth is also on my radar, in fact I have a first shirt on order, just with a President cutaway collar. I have noticed the one with the hidden buttons, but that one looks kind of flat to me, not really curvy :)   Instead I am thinking of e.g. a (Soft) Roma Cutaway...
*bump* Still searching ... No1 got an idea?
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