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 Beautiful lapel ... would you mind sharing the maker of the jacket?
Thanks for the reply, and well ... that explains everything. Do you know if there are any plans to release/sell the movie on DVD or similar?
Had to revive this thread ... I really enjoyed O'Mast and was happy to see that "E poi c'é Napoli" was announced earlier this year. But I cannot find any source where to buy it (Europe). I've ordered O'mast through the Armoury back then, but they don't list the Napoli movie. Any ideas?  
The pattern of fugly shoes continues ... 
I'm definitely a fan of modestly-sized watches, but the Classic Reverso is really tiny. I have the Grande Taille, and even this "medium" size Reverso looks slightly fragile on my wrist. But to me it's clearly the best option out of the family. The duoface comes in at a close second.  
Well done, although I definitely prefer your fully-suited-up pics!
Quick report after my trip:   Unfortunately we've had a tight schedule, lots of work and some social evenings, so I've only had time on my last day to even think about shopping. With roughly 1.5 hrs time left before I had to catch the taxi, I decided to just go for Arthur et Fox, and it turned out to be a good decision:   I've been to their store on blvd St. Germain (I've passed lots of different and promising stores on my way). Turned out that the personnel was super...
I'll be for a one week business trip in Paris starting tomorrow. Any updated recommendations? I'm specifically searching for shirts, maybe a blue blazer and a trenchcoat. From what I've picked up here I definitely want to pay Arthur et Fox a visit. Could somebody indicate the price range of it (shirts for example)? Apart from that I plan to visit Pernac for shirts.   Thanks in advance!
I think it's hard to judge without seing the whole picture. It's all about proportions. Based on the images you have posted, yes, the one without shoulder pads win. If you post full-body-shots (please with clothes on) you'd get better feedback.
+1, and a big fat +1 to the herringshoes-idea. If you compare the pictures alone, you quickly see that the CK shoe can't even hold a candle in comparison. The Florsheim Derby is the only other shoe worth mentioning here. While it isn't an Oxford, like others have pointed out before, it looks half decent and I bet most ppl wouldn't be able to tell the difference to a 'proper' evening wear shoe. That being said, the options mentioned above are superior.
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