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I know it's too late, but still: while I agree on the fit issues, the open cutaway however looks perfectly acceptable in my book. Better than standard point-y collars actually.
 Good q, I have noticed these huge knots also in similar articles about French tailors (but Cifonelli again in this case):  Source: http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2011/02/08/cifonelli-bespoke-in-the-21st-century-part-i/ It's almost Price-of-Kent-ish :)
Thanks, I've actually been on this website but I could not get any information due to the error "This item is not available for international purchase.". I've changed my country to US now and have seen what you meant. The shirt I have in mind seems to be a casual shirt as it has the sizes S/M/L etc. I'll probably just e-mail the customer service, you are right.
Cool! While I don't particularly like the outfits I think it's great that he does what he does... 
Does anyone know the sleeve length of Ralph Lauren Button Down Shirts? Neither the official website nor retailers like Nordstrom list sizing details...
Speaking of target markets, Tommy Hilfiger is all over the place here in Western Europe. Personally I stay clear of his stuff although I have to admit that some of his clothing lines have a nice style. But given that virtually everything is made in Bangladesh or similar countries, the price the label is asking is just insane. I rather stick to PRL as it has at least more 'original' character to me, even if I also rather avoid it because of similar issues. Girls seem to...
Fiona surely is creepy. Not even talking about his mother-in-law. Actually I like most of his outfits, but his whole story is sad. I don't want to get into politics here, though :)
Good old times! 
I'd appreciate fresh pictures instead of over-analyzing a few crappy old pictures.
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