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  I agree. Hopefully, the show doesn't stay repetitive like all other USA shows. I'm becoming disinterested in Burn Notice as every show seems to be the same story, just a different set of parameters and criminals. I think it would be nice if the personal lives of Mike and Harvey were a bit more developed. Though, it seems as though the show is going to head that in that direction. After all, we're still in the single digit episodes and they've already filmed way into the...
are you specifically looking raw or dry denim?    if you think APC's are thick, don't ever try on a pair of PBJ's.   have you looked at diesel or lucky brand? they have some nice stuff, but you have look hard for it.     effang, what brand/cut are you trying to achieve your 'stacking'?   
no. you'll get better fading without the soaking and, actually, refrain from soaking as long as you can. i've owned my rescue's for about four years and they've been rinsed/lightly soaked three times.  
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