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I need some sizing advice for a Filson Italy (black label) jacket. I would assume cuts are somewhat slimmer than normal Filson (i.e. size up from US Filson). Is this correct?
Looking for an online shop that sells Filson Italy (black label) stuff. There's plenty of them on Rakuten but they only sell sizes suited for japanese guys.
^DB suit in streetwear, the world is changing. Anyways: cuffs and dress shoes.
Combination of self expression and GF. She hates chops big time, I used to wear them all the time. Compromise is a short cut full beard (so short it would not hide lack or excess of chin...).
10 miles tomorrow. Already sh... my pants when I think about this (2 miles at 8% incline):
Long time no post.
What's the sizing on Woolrich Woolen Mills clothing? Comparable to normal Woolrich stuff?
Completely forgot about these guys: Blog: Shop:
Yes or no? I need something to keep me warm. Other ideas are more than welcome...
Why is nobody around me honest enough to tell me I look THAT fat...
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