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^ I would hardly consider patronizing W.W. Chan "going crazy," considering that I have six suits and 17 jackets acquired from Chan over a period of nine years. Seriously, good workmanship and sturdy fabrics ought to be the best guarantors of durability under extended use, and you certainly can get both from Chan. However, if you are content with what you've got, that's perfectly fine, too.
Are your groomsmen going to be wearing tuxedoes? If so, eschewing a bowtie or even a regular tie, is just going to look very odd, with or without a silk scarf. Moreover, only a white or black scarf would be proper with a tux, anyway.
The doctrine that bluchers are unacceptable with a suit seems to be confined exclusively to the Internet menswear forum subculture. I have never seen this statement in any of the many published works on style and menswear that I possess or have consulted. They do ratchet the formality of the suit down a bit--somewhat similar to wearing a button down collar with a suit. However, neither is in the least inherently "wrong," at least in my opinion. I am sure your A-E Leeds...
Okay, I'll play along. Please bear in mind that tastes in most of the menswear fora, except for Streetwear & Denim here, range from conservative to reactionary, so we may not be the most representative sampling. Taking your questions in turn: I deliberately shun designer products in general as a matter of policy. I would like to see the abandonment of the "modern cut" in menswear, with too short, too tight jackets and trousers and a return to classic standards of...
^How much is a capeline from rabbit fur felt? It can't be too much less than that, maybe half? Why then is the markup for a beaver felt hat over a rabbit felt hat so huge? I mean, even if rabbit felt capelines were being given away for free (which obviously they are not), the differential would only be $55. Or is beaver felt vastly more difficult to shape or is there some other factor that would account for the $200 to $300 differential in the finished products?
Well, I have a couple dozen pairs of leather soled dress shoes. I have absolutely never put an insole in any of them, and I have never suffered the slightest discomfort. Moreover, I am an old man who has walked for many a mile.
This leads me to a point I have raised before in this thread: Why are hats made from beaver fur felt so much more expensive than hats made from rabbit fur felt, costing hundreds of dollars more? Beaver pelts are dirt cheap these days. One source gave a measly $8 as the current going price for a beaver pelt. (And rabbit fur pelts would have to cost a few dollars apiece just from the cost of raising and feeding the rabbits and labor of skinning the rabbits and curing the...
Well, I see USC managed to blow a two touchdown lead over the Utes and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Since becoming head coach after beating the injury-depleted Bruins last year, Clay Helton is now 1-5. This is not Trojan football as we know it. Pat "Rhodes" Haden has absolutely blighted the USC football program. I suppose I should be comforted because "Rhodes" did good things for women's sports before his exit, but somehow I'm not.
I inherited a white tie rig and a full set of morning attire from a wealthy relative about 54 years ago. I never could find any occasion for which I could rationalize the expense of getting them altered and eventually they fell victim to the moths. For similar reasons, I have never been able to rationalize getting a good black tie rig, although I would if I could possibly justify the expense. It might be helpful if you told us where you lived. Is white tie customarily...
When I saw the title, I was prepared to answer, "Good God, no!" However, since these are rubber-soled bucks, an inherently casual shoe, I would emend my reply to, "Why not?" No socks.
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