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^But I thought you helped the other side--the Irish Nationalists--arm themselves for the Easter Week Rebellion, Kaiser Bill.
If he had wanted to honor his Polynesian heritage, maybe he could have worn a lava lava. It would have been outrageous but at least sartorially consistent.Were I so fortunate as to ever win an award, especially one of the distinction of the Heissman Trophy, I would not have come clomping up to the podium in wooden shoes to honor my Dutch heritage, nor would I wear a war bonnet to honor my Native American heritage. (I am half Dutch, but only a small fraction Native American.)
The tie is much worse than the black shirt, it seems to me. But just think, in a very short time this young man will sign a contract that will enable him to acquire a bespoke wardrobe beyond the wildest dreams of most of us if he so chooses (which he probably won't).
Perhaps I'm showing my age here. Any viewer of movie and TV Westerns of my youth would understand the term. Having the "drop" on someone is synonymous with having them "covered" with a gun. Hence, "beating the drop" would mean that when an adversary has a gun pointed at you, you can draw, fire and presumably hit your adversary before he can react and get a shot off at you. Realistically, this would mean drawing and firing your gun in less than 0.4-second, which is awfully...
To my mind, at least, patch pockets are one of the primary elements that push a suit in the direction of being casual. It is hard for me to conceive any suit with patch pockets not being at least to a considerable degree casual. Of course, color, fabric and pattern also can contribute to the extent a suit is perceived as casual. All my casual suits are solid, I might add--two hopsacks, one worsted.
Actually, I would agree with all this. When i was thinking of bals with odd jackets or casual suits, I was think more of shoes like the A-E Park Ave.I made some similar points earlier in this thread. I do think coat and odd trousers can give you more versatility. It is also more economical in that you can often look pretty darn good in a very good sport coat with much less expensive, relatively speaking, trousers...at least such has been my experience. Moreover, since...
But how is this classic combination any more "tiresome," much less "terrible," than, say, the ubiquitous gray or navy suit?But, frankly, if you are out and about much in really hot weather, isn't any jacket--sport coat or suit coat--going to be pretty miserable? And if you are like many men, commuting in your air-conditioned car to your air conditioned office, can't you get by just fine with the typical nine-ounce "year round" worsted?No, it doesn't look like you're...
I had never heard the term until now. I suspect it is an anglicism. Perhaps Winchester, the venerable and famous English public school is the source of the name. I am quite sure that it has nothing to do with the firearms company. There is a line of Winchester apparel marketed under the Winchester name (which is about all Winchester is these days), but it's the sort of stuff you would expect--ball caps, T-shirts, sweat shirts and the like. Rather coincidentally, the...
There are different grades of shell, but they are of no importance to this discussion. Lower-grade shells have holes and perhaps other visible flaws in them. Otherwise, "Shell is shell," as a friend of mine who has worked with shell a lot once commented to me. Obviously, neither Alden nor A-E is going to make a shoe with a hole in the upper. (And no jokes about broguing, please!)
Winston Churchill wore bowties most of the time, for whatever that's worth.
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