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^Does anyone aside from a few costume geeks wear plus-fours these days? I've sure never seen them, not even when I was living in England 50 years ago.
My sentiments exactly. Besides, with a lighter weight sport coat there would be no point in layering.
Amazing how seriously a lot of people are taking what was manifestly a troll post!
My first choice in your situation would be to pick up a good second-hand vintage Smith & Wesson revolver (before they put in the "wind-up key" safety device) in .38 Special or .357 Magnum (which can also shoot .38 Specials) with about a 4-inch barrel. Second choice would be a similar Ruger GP100 revolver, new or used. Taurus revolvers are a little more "iffy." The good ones will be quite comparable to the best of current American revolvers, however. Many second-hand Colt...
As to the matter of the .300 Winchester Magnum vs. a lighter cartridge, first, I find shooting at elk or any other game animals at 500 yards to be cruel, unsportsmanlike and wasteful. Few men are going to have marksmanship skills to make such shots successfully.Even with today's laser rangefinders and bullet-drop-compensating reticles, such shots are very tricky, with such variables as wind and the drastic bullet drop to account for. The bullet will have lost a lot of...
^Why do you feel you need a cannon for elk? Plenty of my friends have told me they've had no trouble bagging elk successfully with cartridges like the .270 Winchester, .280 Remington, .308 Winchester and .30-06. I have been told that the .25-06 is a popular elk cartridge in the northern Rockies. One of my best friends gave a .257 Roberts to the young son of a friend of his who had died in an accident. The kid went on to take an elk a year with the .257 for a number of...
Interesting how most of the serious dog people I know dislike and shun vets. I believe the veterinarians I cited were researchers, rather than animal hospital types.As to the matter of dog food, none of the dog food companies are in the business of killing dogs, certainly none of the majors like Purina or Pedigree, as a very knowledgeable official in one of the major canine organizations once remarked to me.
I spent a considerable amount of time looking at the ratings and analyses on that site. I note they seem to have a very strong bias in favor of foods with a very high percentage of meat protein. But don't some veterinarians criticize such foods as being unbalanced and likely to cause kidney problems and such? I have heard it claimed that one of the major differences between dogs and wolves is that dogs have adapted to grain-based diets and wolves haven't. After all, since...
^Agree with the foregoing except that I should think subdued, tasteful cuff links would be innocuous. Avoid monochromatic shirt-tie combinations--that's so Regis Philbin 15 years ago!
There is a great deal of wisdom in these observations. This is largely why I have stopped taking this whole clothing forum culture very seriously.
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