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^No knowledge of this business with dogs, but I know a man who had an orchidopexy performed when he was 15, and the surgically lowered testicle was actually larger than the normal one. This business didn't seem to affect his sex life at all, but he never sired any children. Sterility is often concomitant with this condition.
Well, I know that on humans for many years there has been an operation that pulls the undescended testicle down to the scrotum, giving the erstwhile monorchid two testicles normally positioned. The term for this is "orchidopexy."
Last December a neighbor of ours bought Weimaraner puppy for her post-adolescent son in hopes he would have a redemptive effect on the somewhat troubled youth. He is a lovely dog with a good heart. However, he has not had adequate obedience training, and I don't think the dog gets nearly enough exercise. Partly on my advice, they have left him intact. This Sunday, the Howl-O-Ween Dog Parade was held at a park near our house. It is a bizarre event where in people and dogs...
The other day I was getting my car washed--a sort of paleface equivalent of doing a rain dance--and we certainly need the rain! Anyway, sitting near me was a woman with a fluffy little white dog. There are a lot of fluffy little white dogs around, and I sometimes have a hard time differentiating them, so I asked her what the dog was. Her reply was, "Miniature Goldendoodle." Now that was a new one on me! Lest any of you think I was trying to flirt with the dog's owner, let...
Charcoal pants/suit: black, dark brown, merlot/burgundy Navy: Same as the above, with the addition of lighter shades of brown and tan like walnut and chili although with these you are ratcheting down the formality of your look.
My first recommendation would be to save yourself some money and get the Kenilworth in brown. It is currently on closeout at $197. It is a plain-toe blucher. It is versatile enough to be worn with a suit, yet could be worn with khakis or jeans. (Purists might disapprove of wearing such a shoe with suit, but unless you are dealing with men who hang out menswear fora, nobody else will mind.) If your PA's are a good fit, you will be pleased to know that it is on the same...
Oh, I have always found the British crowd in forumland far more aggressive on insisting on British usages over American--insisting on "braces" instead of "suspenders," "day cravat" over "ascot," "waistcoat" over "vest," etc., and many American posters submissively deferential. I'll have to hand it to the English in particular: They have done an absolutely marvelous job of convincing much of the world that they are the very apogee of humanity and God's gift to the rest of...
As I best I recall. Bookster had been in business for about 10 years and had many satisfied customers. I actually got my overcoat from them not too long before they went bankrupt. I would hardly say I "got in early on a Ponzi scheme."
I have not worn a Halloween costume since before I hit puberty, 60-odd years ago. I loathe costuming of any sort and consider it very juvenile. However, I am not one begrudge anyone their harmless pleasures. It's just not my thing.
^What ever the Kings may be, they are certainly not criminals. They dealt very honorably with me, and probably didn't make a penny off our business transaction. Having a business tank does not make one a criminal!
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