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Oh, we can get plenty of chilly weather for about half the year--certainly not comparable to Fargo or Duluth, but cool enough to be decidedly uncomfortable if you're not adequately dressed for it. In hot weather, office air conditioners are often set to sub-arctic temperatures, making offices miserably cold, especially if you are dressed for the hot, sunny weather outdoors. At least, such was my experience.
A few thoughts on shoe trees: I have seen it claimed by knowledgeable people that the business of cedar shoe trees wicking up moisture is pretty much a myth. I am inclined to agree. If cedar trees wicked up moisture from regularly worn shoes, they ought to eventually become soft and rotten, but they don't. I gather that beech or birch (I forget which) is the preferred wood for European trees--just as effective as cedar. The red cedar used in American trees isn't even real...
I don't believe much can be done to repair where the leather is actually gouged away, but a few good coats of polish should restore the shoes to presentability. Remember that at the distance people will actually viewing your shoes, that little gouge will be all but invisible once it has been concealed with polish.
Plus, the individual Indians themselves were given guns, plows, blankets, cooking gear, etc., to help them start their new lives in the West. Compared to many 20th century "ethnic cleansings," it had to be one of gentlest, most humane on record.
I suppose it's catty of me to mention it, but those sure look like some old pictures of Vanna.
This is a very unfair view of Jackson and his Indian policy, which was little more than a continuation of that of every presidential administration since Jefferson's. Basically, the Indians had a choice of remaining on their historic lands and merging into white society or relocating west and preserving cultural and tribal identity. The Indians of the Five Civilized Tribes chose the latter course and they have survived as nations and preserved tribal identity to this day,...
Well, I see the powers that be are displacing Andrew Jackson, my favorite president, from the place of honor on the $20 bill in favor of Harriet Tubman. I'm not too surprised: Jackson was not a man for our times. He was a real man--duelist, horse racer, cock fighter, Indian fighter. He destroyed a great British army. As president he very likely averted a civil war with his forceful leadership during the Nullification Crisis. Certainly, he is a not a sympathetic figure in...
Aren't Oxxford suits generally regarded as the best-made ready-to-wear suits in America, if not the world? Prices start around $4K. I have heard the workmanship on them is unsurpassed, even by top bespoke tailors. However, some claim the styling is somewhat stodgy.
A couple of thoughts: I don't know what kind of "custom" suits the OP expects to get for $700, but the odds are overwhelming they won't be good ones! You should figure on at least twice that amount, and that will still be very "low end" for bespoke. Second, the body types of many young fellows in their 20s and early 30s are still changing rapidly. For example, some suits I bought for my stepson when he was into bodybuilding are way too big for him now that he is into...
In American usage, there are two types of ascot, the formal ascot, normally only worn with morning attire at costume-y weddings, and the casual ascot, the kind that tucks into a shirt. Neither is appropriate with a cummerbund, which is strictly tuxedo wear and mated with a bowtie, preferably black.
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