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I don't understand this. Do you mean aluminum cases...or what? I thought those CCI aluminum cases were non-reloadable. Didn't they use a special Berdan primer? I have never noticed any particular functioning problems with aluminum-cased cartridges. I don't recall whether I shot in any in .380 but think I must have.I have a Manurhin-made PPK/S in .380 that is indeed an excellent little pistol. Earlier I had a Walther PP .22 LR that was sort of a lemon--not particularly...
I think there is much to be said for off-body carry--not so much in "fag bags" but in a dedicated briefcase with an integral holster and a quick-access feature. I know that such products have been offered although I am not hep to current offerings. I think carrying a serious fighting handgun in one of these devices with several extra magazines or speedloaders along with something like a Seecamp in a side-pocket holster would be a very good way to go armed in circumstances...
Actually, MyTailor/Hemrajani Bros. moved from Irvine to Costa Mesa some years ago. They are now in close proximity to South Coast Plaza. This is probably of no great consequence if you are driving from Laguna Hills. I have never used Hemrajani, but I have met Joe Hemrajani several times and he impresses me as a knowledgeable, gentlemanly fellow. Hemrajani seems to have a pretty good track record for customer satisfaction to judge by comments in the fora over the years. I...
I think you would be better off with an earth-tone Harris tweed than with either of those. In any event, I would shun any sport coat or suit coat that ends appreciably above your crotch.
Well, I would say that wearing a Western shirt with a conventional suit is a questionable mix--with a Western-cut suit, certainly. The thought also occurs to me that most of the distinctively "Western" features of such a shirt--snaps (instead of button), yoke cut, etc., would be concealed under the suit coat and necktie anyway.
I have recently noticed that the Wikipedia article on brogue shoes and several menswear blogs have described punchcap shoes (e.g., the A-E Fifth Ave.) as "quarter brogues." I thought they were two distinct styles, with quarter brogues having the same amount of broguing as "semi-" or "half-" brogues except that they do not have a toe medallion. Who is correct here?
With old-fashioned guns like the Colt Single Action Army (and many of its replicas), it is imperative to carry the gun with the hammer down on an empty chamber for safety. All modern double-action revolvers (post-1905, roughly) have integral hammer-blocking or similar safety devices that render this practice unnecessary.
Were I ever to live in a rustic situation, I would wish to surround my house and its immediate environs with a high, sturdy fence. I love my dogs, and I wouldn't want one to be hit on a road, shot by a neighbor or taken by a predator. I realize that a fence can't stop all predators, but it reduces the risk.
Wrong forum for this. If you will use the search function, you will find there is a great deal on HK tailors.
Briefly put, there's a big difference between a lone dog and a pack of dogs going up against large carnivores like bears and mountain lions. Mountain lions are much bolder and more aggressive toward dogs than they used to be. The reason for this seems to be that wolves used to hunt and kill the lions. This seemed to carry over to dogs--a small, yapping dog could often tree a lion. In most parts of the country, there haven't been any wolves for generations, and the lions...
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