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I have a couple pairs of A-E wholecuts with broguing and like 'em just fine, if that's any consolation to you. Too many nitpickers in forumland!
Oh hell, get and wear the spectator shoes if that's what gladdens your heart! You are obviously not aspiring to any kind of traditional or classic masculine elegance but rather to a sort of eclectic costuming. I am not dumping on you here. Most men's wedding attire these days is accurately described as "eclectic costuming," so you are very much in step with your peers. Wear the spectators, enjoy them, and I hope you and your bride have a nice life together.
You do realize, don't you, that that post is almost 11 years old? I should think very few of the men active here and there were members that long ago!
Well, I can just tell you my experience. I don't know whether it will be helpful or not. My actual waist measurement is about 37". About a year ago, I thought I would give Bill's Khakis a try. I ordered the M2 in a size 37. The trousers were extremely tight and did not quite reach my actual waist. I exchanged them for the M1 in a size 38. Loved them! Most comfortable trousers I have. Subsequently I have acquired eight more pairs. These are flat-fronts. They are generously...
Having at last depleted my supply of Gillette Classic II disposables, I finally took the plunge and joined the Dollar Shave Club. I chose their cheapest (two-blade) option. After using it for a week, it's doing fine--it's got at least several more shaves in the blade cartridge, I think, and so far I am very satisfied.
Did any of you catch on-line or on TV the dog "Hulk," who is being billed as the world's largest Pit Bull at 175 pounds? I have been told the owners are asking $20K for a stud service from Hulk. A few thoughts on Hulk: The dog looks fat. Even so, I don't think he is anywhere near 175 pounds. I strongly doubt that Hulk is a real APBT--just another dime-a-dozen bandog.
^Just my take, but if you fancy suits in the "modern cut": low-rise, flat-front trousers, short jackets, everything tight-fitting, I think you would be very wise go to with RTW and not spend too much money. In a few years, I predict, any guy wearing such suits will look like yesterday's fashion victim. If you keep your weight constant and protect your Chan suits from the moths, they will be timelessly elegant when you are, in fact, 55 years old.
Well, I don't have any experience with local tailors in the Bay Area, but I have had a lot of experience with W.W. Chan: 17 odd jackets, six suits and six shirts. I have been extremely satisfied with their work. Your first effort with Chan will be somewhere between MTM and bespoke, but they do make an individualized pattern for you that can subsequently be tweaked. My first suit from them was a good fit and very satisfactory, but not quite as satisfactory as all subsequent...
I should think taking PE classes in the raw would test the fiber of the hardiest if conducted outdoors during a New England winter. Did wrestlers practice nude? Did football players scrimmage in the altogether? It all sounds very gay to me.I gather the part about being photographed nude at Ivy League and other elite colleges is indeed true. It was part of a crackpot anthropological experiment to see if there was a correlation between body type and superior intelligence....
Not necessarily. My one cool-weather suit is a 400g Harrison's Oyster hopsack.
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