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Depending on the setting and tenor of the wedding, that suit could be entirely appropriate. Make further inquiries before coming to a decision. By the way, the article cited recommend navy or charcoal. Black suits are generally held in low esteem by the cognoscenti. If you are in fact in Hawaii, my guess is that the suit would be fine, especially for a July wedding. I would suggest a necktie, however.
Re the foregoing, I believe the standard weight for gloves in those days was six ounces. I think they just bred men tougher in those days. My grandfather had been a keen fight fan in that era (Pre WWI). I can recall watching one fight with the old boy not long before he died. As I recall, it was Benny "Kid" Paret vs. Emile Griffith. Griffith was pounding Paret against ropes and the ref stepped in to stop it. "They stopped it too soon!," my grandfather exclaimed. Paret had...
That reminds me of a co-worker I had who was mysteriously charismatic around women. I say "mysterious" because he was neither extraordinarily good looking, nor did he have a particularly good physique. There was just a "je ne sais quoi" about him that made women in the office who were cold as ice to rest of us hover and flutter flirtatiously around him. (Amusingly, his wife was an A-1 drip!) Anyway, one day when I was going out on a first date that evening, he counseled...
Probably because Asian lions are so rare. Continuing to house killer animals in zoos isn't that rare. For many years the LA Zoo had a jaguar that had killed a keeper at another zoo. In captivity (thought not in the wild) jaguars are much more dangerous than lions or tigers.
I see that one round of .600 NE costs only $36 these days. I thought it would be more. I think it was in the recent past.I've never fired a .600 NE, but I did shoot a .577 NE. I was shooting offhand, so the recoil didn't seem too bad...for one round anyway. That same day I also shot a black powder 8 bore rifle: That was memorable. The whole world disappeared in a cloud of white smoke, and I was pushed back a couple of steps. Both rifles belonged to the late Jack Lott.I...
PTSD from going to shooting ranges...and getting spanked as kid? I go to the range just about every week, and I had the living crap beaten out of me as a kid. Well, now I know why I wake up every night drenched in sweat and screaming!
How about seersucker for a lightweight, semi-casual, hot-weather jacket? Not too expensive, either. (I thought silk jackets tended to be warm.)
I'd say worse than an exercise in futility since applying conditioner may soften the soles and accelerate wear.
Wouldn't it be the other way around since the nights get shorter after December 21 and longer after June 21? What is this "my people" business, anyway--some neo-Druidic Celtic thing? If so, I suspect "your people" figure fairly prominently in my very mutt-y, typically American pedigree.
I don't know why people call Trump "xenophobic." Two of his three wives have been East Europeans. Melania, alluring though she certainly is, is hardly a corn-fed all-American girl. I'd say he's more of a xenophile, or maybe "xenerast" would be a better term (if there is such a word). By way of contrast, all three of my wives have been American-born and bred, not that I can say much else nice about the first two!
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