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Actually, there's a good chance I was reading about that stuff before you were born. A lot of what you have been spouting I have never seen in any classic etiquette books, nor in the numerous books--good, bad and indifferent--on proper menswear in my personal library. Nor yet have I encountered anyone quite so rigidly dogmatic and prescriptivist as you in my 11 years or thereabouts of frequenting these fora.The term "tight" in this context, although taken from English, is...
^I don't know the term "a tight" means. I know what "tights" mean, but the idea of the groom and other males at a wedding in tights, together with a top hat and gloves, seems nothing if not comical. I presume from the context that by "tight" you may mean a full-rig morning ensemble, but it's certainly a new one on me. Does anyone wear gloves at a wedding these days? I have to wonder if the men who are so rigidly prescriptivist about wedding attire have attended a real...
Where do guys like you come up with all this stuff? Sometimes I think guys like you make up these rigid rules out of sheer devilment! And what's so special about wholecuts, compared, say, to plain-toes? Personally, I think walnut Strands would be just fine with this suit. Obviously, this is not a "formal" wedding in any sense of the word, so let the groom do what he wants as long as it's within the bounds of good taste.I personally don't care for suspenders worn with suit...
Your budget sounds almost unnecessarily generous, truth be told. I would second the recommendation to check out SW&D. I would also suggest you not spend too much at this time. You are still young. You may grow a good deal more, and you will almost certainly fill out more in the next few years. You certainly don't want your newly acquired and costly finery to be too small for you in a couple of years. For example, I went from a jacket size of 39 at age 17 to a size 46 at 23.
You might get better advice if you gave us a few more specifics about your proposed budget and how you propose to "dress well"--suit and tie, coat and tie or a more casual look...or maybe some combination of the three.
Never owned an L-frame Smith (like the 586,686, 581, 681, etc.). I'm sure I'd like one, though, one of the older ones, anyway. I do have a passel of K- and N-frames, however.
^I am not sure what is meant by "normal fashion." Do you mean criss-cross? I have been under the impression that "straight" lacing, as shown in the A-E catalog illustrations, is the customary way to lace up balmorals/oxfords.
A-E has the Carlyle--a plain-toe bal that should fill the bill. If regulations demand bluchers, there is the Leeds, which is currently on clearance at a reduced price. However, it is not particularly sleek.
I would surmise that a 7.62x45R or a 12-gauge slug would be more likely to anchor the tiger or at least wound the tiger seriously enough so that it would expire before too long. My sense was that these tigers that were packing lead were comparatively healthy at the time they were shot. The 5.45 would be a possibility.I got this from a book on a tiger that was wounded by a shotgun and seemingly deliberately hunted down and killed the guy who wounded him and one or two...
^What's the big deal about a bit of the bicycle seat being visible. You guys have dirty minds!
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