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An "Italian wool" suit for $160? One can only imagine the quality! Surely, even Millennials can afford better than that.
I bought my old model Super Blackhawk on December 3, 1967. I remember it as if it were yesterday. It is certainly one of the most accurate handguns I own. I was shooting my Smith & Wesson Model 25 .45 Colt (4-inch) yesterday. I put 40 rounds through it double action. Double action shooting seems to magnify the punishment of recoil. I remember discussing this with Ross Seyfried many years ago, and both of us suspected the greater flexion of the hand in the DA work caused...
What were you having done to the trousers? If it was a simple matter of taking in or letting out the waist, that's a $15 or $20 job at most local alterations tailors. If you were having the legs slimmed or something like that, obviously the charge would be higher.Who or what is NSM?
^Cute pup, and a shiba X klee kai should give you a very cute adult dog. If he starts taking an interest in menswear, you'll know the shiba side is predominant!
Speaking as a dedicated Chanfan, if all you need is to have the trousers and jackets taken in some, I am sure that any reasonably good alterations tailor, of whom there must certainly be many in both the cities you name, should be up to the job. If you have a "ton" of Chan garments, even though I know the "ton" is figurative, I doubt if Patrick is going to be willing to haul them around on the tour with him. More likely he would make note of the necessary alterations and...
Any reason why your wife may be allergic to the new dog when you already have dog, seemingly with no problems of this sort?
Tossing a dog off a cliff is nothing I would do, certainly. I also don't think I could live with the memory of splattering my dog's blood and brains and that being my last memory of him, either. I also have considerable contempt for men who won't be there with their dogs when they get the needle.
Oh, that puts it in a totally different perspective: If the was dog was "healthy and lovable," why on earth did he kill him? Moreover, why did he come back looking for him (or her)? Stricken by conscience and hoping to find the dog alive, maybe? As it now stands, it seems like the act of a deeply disturbed individual.
The whole story might be different. If he had to put the dog down because of incurable illness and he was virtually certain the dog would be killed on impact, it might be a pretty good way of doing it. The dog's body would go to feed wildlife and be reincorporated into the cycle of life and nature. Perhaps more to the point, he would have saved the several hundred dollars it costs to have a dog put down in a veterinary clinic-- a strange and threatening environment for the...
Allen-Edmonds typically makes their shoes on different lasts, so what may be a good fit with one last may not be a good fit with another. Some A-E lasts are just not a good fit on my feet, period. (No knock against A-E, I've got 43 pairs!) I can't say much about Ferragamo lasts. I have three pairs of Ferragamo shoes. All are a good fit in my normal size.
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