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I can recall back in the day when pangolin hides did have a certain vogue in cowboy boots.
^Good Lord, that case is just getting more and more weird by the day! It turns out that Jeffery Alan Lash (that was his name) had convinced his fiancee and her assistant that he was a human-space alien hybrid sent to save humanity and working with the government. The cops also recovered a dozen SUVs fitted out for various types of terrain, including amphibious use, plus $230,000 in cash. I suspect a lot of the money for all this may have come from the fiancee, who...
That's a weird case, isn't it? My friend Dave Workman at the Second Amendment Foundation told me today he had half-wondered if that could have been me! However, I don't live anywhere near Pacific Palisades, and I don't own anything like 1,200 firearms. (I probably have far too many for any sane man as it is!)
I knew the bullpup configuration would skew perspectives somewhat, but even allowing for that, I didn't think that barrel was 16 inches. With the bullpup configuration, that rifle looks very similar to a rifle the British experimented with after WWII. They were forced to drop the project, if I've got my facts right, because the Americans were insistent on the 7.62 NATO cartridge and so they ended up with the FAL.
That firearm looks as if it should be Class 3. Is it?
Six, but only two, a French cuff broadcloth from Chan and a Mercer OCBD, are really decent. By way of contrast, I think I have about 15 "first-tier" blue (or predominantly blue) shirts, a couple from Chan, the rest from Mercer.
Taylor Swift
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I did surmise that if the character played by Bryce Howard--a bottom-line obsessed corporate martinet--had been played by a middle-aged white guy instead of an alluring redhead, he would surely have ended up as dinosaur chow...to the high glee of the audience.
I should think it would be a handful with any full-power loads. I have never had the doubtful pleasure of shooting one of those hand cannons. Back around the time I hit my mid- or late 40s, I came to the soft, effete conclusion that shooting should be a pleasurable activity. I also have to wonder how many men can handle anything more than a stiff .44 Magnum load in a gun of good weight with any degree of proficiency.
Well, Leonardo, thank you for the attention and effort you put into replying to my comments. Now I don't know anything about wedding customs in Italy (or costumes for that matter), but I think where we diverge is in your view that weddings should be inherently formal events. There are quite a few men in this forum who would agree with you and counsel men inquiring about wedding attire to dress as if they were attending a state funeral. Hence, I am sure they would concur...
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