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I think the prejudice against pink shirts exists only among a few knuckle-draggers. F'r Gawdsake, even Dick Cheney rocked a pink necktie on occasion. He may not have been God's gift to good government (at least in the opinion of many), but I don't think even his worst enemies would accuse him of being a Nellie.On the other hand, at one time the legend widely circulated among young people that all "queers" (as we then called them) wore green on Thursday as a recognition...
Um, actually there is considerable historical precedent for wearing white tie with a tuxedo. However, the practice has been in abeyance for a number of decades. President Obama got a lot of flak here in the fora for wearing a white bow tie with a tuxedo at his first inaugural banquet. Despite historical precedent, it would be considered an eccentric or questionable choice these days.
You might try these people: www.intweed.co.uk They offer quite an assortment of handsome 25-ounce tweeds. However, I know nothing about their pricing or service.
Well, I was only in Boston once, briefly, about 32 years ago. I doubt I shall ever be there again. Still, it saddens me to learn that another of the great names in retail menswear is going under.
^Just shows how Chan's prices have risen in recent years. I bought a jacket from Harrison's Frontier in the fall of 2009 for about $850. As I recall, a two-piece suit was $1,227. That had jumped to about $1,350 on the March 2010 tour. On the fall 2011 tour I paid $1,372 for a two-piece suit from VBC 140. As I have previously mentioned, I still think Chan offers good value, but I am just glad I already have what I have from them
^Since they were sold as firsts, I would agree that it is unacceptable. They should have been sold as seconds, and as someone who has purchased a lot of A-E seconds both for me and for my boy, I never saw so conspicuous a flaw in any of them.
Cleaned three magnum revolvers (two .357s and a .44) after a range session on the previous day.
As I remarked above, I don't like costuming and costume parties. However, if one is invited to a costume party, to attend while not wearing a costume seems rather bad form. Look at the converse: You surely wouldn't show up (I trust) at a party where "cocktail attire" was specified while wearing a clown outfit!
As to Chan's prices, I note that Chan's website stated their suit prices started "at around 12,000 HKD," which translates to roughly $1,550 US. This is about what I figured for a "starter" fabric like VBC 110. By way of comparison, I got a 2-piece suit from VBC 110 from them on their summer 2010 tour for $1,172. I just got price quotes from a couple of Koreatown tailors here in L.A. One (Mr. Young) was similar to Chan, the other (Robert Lim) was somewhat lower, but were I...
FWIW, I seem to recall the iconic figure of Cary Grant rocked French cuffs with a button-down on occasion. Cary may have, but I wouldn't. But, then, I'm not terribly into French cuffs, reserving them for only the dressiest of occasions.
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