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A friend of mine did a Pit X Rott cross. The pups from that litter were so dangerously dominant aggressive to humans that they all had to be put down between the ages of two and three. I have heard Presa X Pit crosses described as "Hell waiting to happen."They guy who got the puppy is a real nice guy, and so I hope the pup works out for him. Had he contacted me prior to getting it, I would have counseled against it.I tend to think of Presas as just another Bandog variant.
Neo-Presa Cross? A fellow I have been casually acquainted with over the years was so impressed by my Tosas that bought a pup a little over year ago. He was extremely devoted to the dog, which pretty much accompanied him everywhere, including his office at the university where he works. I encountered him Friday sans dog. I inquired about the dog, and he told me the youngster (age 15 months) had died suddenly on the preceding Monday. He believed that it was possibly an...
^It would seem that idfnl has given up fighting the good fight for the Big Guy. He was the heart and soul of this thread, really. I was just mere skeptic and naysayer. It saddens me to see this thread become moribund. It has been one of my three favorite threads in the decade I've been on SF. The others were the one about animals fighting and the one I started about ghosts.
Agree with ter on all points on this one. In any event, I have never been able to discern how rolled sleeves are cooler than sleeves worn at full length. The latter permit more circulation of air.
You can find a lot about Hong Kong tailors in the "Classic Menswear" forum. From personal experience I would recommend W.W. Chan, but they are among the most expensive tailors in HK.
Maybe she just didn't like your bad grammar. (And my apologies if you are not a native speaker of English.)
Not a psychopath, but he does come across as a braggart. That kind of hunting costs money, lots and lots of it. It strikes me as much like a guy bragging about his $50K wristwatch or his Ferrari. I doubt he ate that leopard. A lot of the "safari" subculture has long struck me as mostly an exercise in conspicuous consumption.
Back in the days of "old Hollywood" it pretty much was. These days any tourist who takes a bus excursion into a game reserve will tell you he (or she) has been "on safari." That's why I used the term "real safari" in my earlier post.
^Except for the part about "special technique," I think every word of it is absolutely accurate, and remember, I have more experience with both types of razors than most of the men here.
^Attractive young women who hunt big game do seem to be special magnets for vituperation. The root of it is probably pretty sexist when all is said and done: It just seems sort of unfeminine, and these girls should be priming themselves to have precious babies, not priming cartridges on a loading press! Since I am an old guy and pretty sexist, I can viscerally appreciate such feelings. Then I have to remind myself that in Greco-Roman antiquity the deity governing the chase...
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