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Even when I'm fertilizing the lawn or mucking out my fishpond? Please advise, this would be cool! Even in my normal, knockabout day wear, I am not infrequently asked if I am going on a date (at my age!) or to a wedding or something like that. Wearing a suit for mundane and grubby chores would be taking my natural inclination to foppery a quantum step further.However, it now occurs to me that there is a kind of suit that would be perfect for working in the fishpond: a wetsuit!
I think you misunderstood me when I said I am in the middle of my eighth decade. I will be 75 next month. I had lived for seven decades when I turned 70 in 2012. Should I make it to 80, I'll be starting my ninth decade. Your original assumptions about my age were correct.
I believe Allen-Edmonds offers most of their styles in sizes 12 and 13 EEE, and their shoes can often be had for less that retail list, as others have pointed out. Probably your best bet.
Thanks a lot for the kind words, Alex. It is altogether too possible for one to outlive his well-being. However, as long as I can enjoy good food and drink, good books, get in vigorous workouts and shoot reasonably straight, I hope I can hang in.
I discovered Chan through SF and through the final years of my working career I patronized them heavily. In all, I got six suits and 17 jackets from them. Of these, I bought two suits and one jacket after I retired. In all, I ordered garments from them between 2004 and 2012. I would enjoy getting a few more garments from them, but I haven't ordered anything since the summer of 2012. There are several reasons for this: Chan's prices have gone up a lot. My income in...
It sounds as if you simply need better fitting dress shoes since you are not experiencing discomfort with your cowboy and chukka boots. I hope when you were buying the dress shoes you weren't conned by the sales line: "Oh, they just need breaking in." Whenever I buy a new pair of shoes, I always want to feel I could walk right out of the store in them and continue for a few miles.
I just thought I'd take this occasion to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of that great man of the rifle: hunter, explorer, adventurer and naturalist Frederick Courtenay Selous--killed in action, German East Africa, January 4, 1917. He had been the oldest man, at age 63, to have enlisted in the British Army in WWI. He was a friend of Theodore Roosevelt and guided him on part of his African safari and was on cordial terms with many other notables of his time....
Well, the Indians often were savage, bloodthirsty and extremely cruel. People tend to get that way when their lands are invaded and expropriated, but then they were often that way to each other, even before the coming of the White Devil. Unlike you, I had ancestors on both sides of that fight. I was hitherto oblivious to the "Apache Chief" character. He came into being long after my days of watching cartoons. From what I gather, he was/is a fighter for good, noble and...
What is racist and inaccurate about showing Apache Warriors wearing headbands? They did so quite commonly. Interestingly, I had a friend who did a lot of work in low-budget Hollywood Westerns and was a quarter Apache. He didn't look it though.I suspect Jay "Tonto" Silverheels was a distant cousin of mine.
But finding such an excellent alterations tailor...there's the rub! And some of us are just not very good RTW fits, no matter what the skill of the tailor.
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