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With old-fashioned guns like the Colt Single Action Army (and many of its replicas), it is imperative to carry the gun with the hammer down on an empty chamber for safety. All modern double-action revolvers (post-1905, roughly) have integral hammer-blocking or similar safety devices that render this practice unnecessary.
Were I ever to live in a rustic situation, I would wish to surround my house and its immediate environs with a high, sturdy fence. I love my dogs, and I wouldn't want one to be hit on a road, shot by a neighbor or taken by a predator. I realize that a fence can't stop all predators, but it reduces the risk.
Wrong forum for this. If you will use the search function, you will find there is a great deal on HK tailors.
Briefly put, there's a big difference between a lone dog and a pack of dogs going up against large carnivores like bears and mountain lions. Mountain lions are much bolder and more aggressive toward dogs than they used to be. The reason for this seems to be that wolves used to hunt and kill the lions. This seemed to carry over to dogs--a small, yapping dog could often tree a lion. In most parts of the country, there haven't been any wolves for generations, and the lions...
If there are bear and lion about, why are you letting your dog out at night? You probably won't have her for long. Or was it a case of an accidental escape?
^Bolo ties can't be entirely absent in Northern California. The wedding where I saw so many bolos took place in Petaluma!
I have long regarded the bolo tie as, well, rather "bucolic"--attire for square dancers, cowboys and cowboy wannabes and such. On Friday, I attended a wedding--my wife's niece--and I was surprised at how many bolo ties were in evidence. Some of the guests were quite literally "bucolic," e.g., the grandfather of the bride, who is a 94-year-old dairy farmer. On him, the bolo tie was unsurprising. However, some of the other men wearing bolo ties were seemingly "hip" young...
^In much of the country, wildlife is much more abundant than formerly, for various reasons.
Were they red or gray foxes? Red foxes were quite common in my neighborhood in East Long Beach about 13 years ago but rather quickly vanished. My first thought was that the city surreptitiously exterminated them because they were exotics (descended from escaped or released pets) and are a terrible threat to the abundant bird life of the area. I now more inclined to believe they were wiped out by the coyotes.
^Sounds like you made some nice choices although I am not familiar with the Scabal Noble Tweed line. For some odd reason, when I was getting a lot of garments from Chan, W. Bill tweeds were priced way higher than their P&H counterparts. Later Chan offered the W.BIll tweeds at more more reasonable prices. I can recall when I got my P&H Thornproof blue Donegal tweed, the cost was about $300 less than a jacket from a similar W. Bill fabric. Several knowledgeable commentators...
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