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^Potent stuff, snake venom--a real witches' brew of nasty toxins. An unpleasant fact is that rattlesnake venom in the USA has become a good deal more toxic in recent decades. There are several theories about this--transmittal from the extremely toxic Mojave rattlesnake through hybridization, or that the snakes are in an "arms race" with prey species of rodents that are developing more immunity or resistance to venom.
Just one old man's opinion, but since going tie-less with a suit or jacket s inherently pretty casual, I remain skeptical of the need for anything that would ratchet up the formality over a button-down worn open-necked. I could understand your desire to prefer, say, broadcloth over oxford cloth in this context, however.
This is actually kind of an interesting question. I know the U.S. Army used to designate its ankle-high lace-ups as "shoes." They even applied this designation to some footgear that was higher than ankle-level. When I was a youngster--this would be back in the 1950s--it was common to refer to ankle-high "work shoes." These days, I believe "work boots" is the more common, if not universal, appellation. On the other hand, chukka boots and their subset, desert boots, have...
Wow! That's up $300 from a VBC 140 suit I got from them less than three years ago.
I note that Patrick Chu made a short U.S. tour recently and is touring to other U.S. cities this month. I'd just like to restate my original question and see how high their prices have risen. It has been almost two years since I ordered anything from them.
Good to see you back, idnfl! I was a little worried about you. Well, I'll have to say that's even better BF imagery than "Patty." Either it's real BF or a man in make-up and costuming. The absence of any discernible facial prognathism, in contrast to most BF imagery and all real apes, strongly suggests the latter alternative to me. As to the "baby chupacabra," I am almost certain he's just a poor little dog--a chihuahua maybe--that has lost his hair to mange. The eyes...
Missed this oldie when it was first current. To have one's sex driving start tanking at 36 seems way too early. Mine began to decline precipitously around the time I hit 66. I do have to admire those old boys who manage to be implicated in sex scandals when they are in their 70s.
That garment looks greenish on my monitor, which would be a very odd color for a tux. I wonder if it isn't some kind of Central European folk costume or something like that.
When I was young, the name "French Shriner" always suggested to me the image of a stereotypical Frenchman with a waxed mustache and an imperial goatee wearing the fez of the Nobles of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine.
I suspect you are overthinking this whole business. I can only speak for myself, but I wear striped shirts with a suit (will do so this evening), with an odd jacket and casually sans jacket. I have never, ever before heard so much as the slightest intimation--in person, in style books or even on the fora--that any of these practices are "bad form."
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