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^Just my take, but if you fancy suits in the "modern cut": low-rise, flat-front trousers, short jackets, everything tight-fitting, I think you would be very wise go to with RTW and not spend too much money. In a few years, I predict, any guy wearing such suits will look like yesterday's fashion victim. If you keep your weight constant and protect your Chan suits from the moths, they will be timelessly elegant when you are, in fact, 55 years old.
Well, I don't have any experience with local tailors in the Bay Area, but I have had a lot of experience with W.W. Chan: 17 odd jackets, six suits and six shirts. I have been extremely satisfied with their work. Your first effort with Chan will be somewhere between MTM and bespoke, but they do make an individualized pattern for you that can subsequently be tweaked. My first suit from them was a good fit and very satisfactory, but not quite as satisfactory as all subsequent...
I should think taking PE classes in the raw would test the fiber of the hardiest if conducted outdoors during a New England winter. Did wrestlers practice nude? Did football players scrimmage in the altogether? It all sounds very gay to me.I gather the part about being photographed nude at Ivy League and other elite colleges is indeed true. It was part of a crackpot anthropological experiment to see if there was a correlation between body type and superior intelligence....
Not necessarily. My one cool-weather suit is a 400g Harrison's Oyster hopsack.
Well, any shirt will look "crumpled" if it is in need of a good ironing. Why would white be "too formal" for wear with his suits? And what's wrong with button-down shirts, pray tell? We Americans love 'em, even with suits!
I think that shirt might be okay with your tan suit. I have a peach-colored shirt from Mercer that is decidedly on the orange-y side of the spectrum, and I think it goes very well my tan suit from W.W. Chan. I would normally pair it with a solid medium-brown tie.
Consider Harrison's Frontier. It's a hopsack and a good year-round fabric. I live in a Mediterranean climate not dissimilar to your. I have two suits from this fabric, one made in 2010, the other in 2011, and no durability issues so far,.
The endorsement of black dress slacks certainly flies in the face of contemporary iGent orthodoxy. I am surprised that there was no mention of true khaki casual trousers. Those were mostly what I wore at UCLA a few years earlier. So did a lot of other students. The bias for loafers to the almost total exclusion of lace-ups was also a little curious.
I had had a vague sense that Australia's "germ warfare" against the bunnies had been pretty successful. Obviously, this was the case. Interesting that it takes 10 to 14 rabbit pelts to make a hat. Since beaver are much larger animals than rabbits, with average weights in excess of 40 pounds and larger specimens running over 70 pounds, unless their pelts produce much less underfur than rabbits', I am inclined to believe, at least at current pelt prices, that beaver hats...
My understanding, as well, has been that rabbits remain a dreadful pest in Australia, and they are indeed an invasive species. But are Australian rabbits the principal source of the rabbit fur felt? Wouldn't domesticated rabbits,with their fluffier fur, provide a better material for felt? I believe approximately five million rabbits are slaughtered annually here in the States alone for meat. (Rabbit was much more popular as a foodstuff when I was a young 'un. My family...
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