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^I don't think you are going to add an inch or 1 1/2 inches to your arms without increasing total body muscle mass. My suggestion is that you simply perform total body workouts three times a week for an hour or less. Concentrate on simple, basic exercises--squats, military presses, bench presses, curls, rows (bent over and upright), that sort of thing. Start out light (Nobody ever got injured starting too light!), don't overtrain and under no circumstances undertake these...
If you are going to start an intense bodybuilding regimen, be aware that most of the gains you make will occur in the first six months or so. I am assuming that you will sensible enough to stick to natural bodybuilding and shun steroids, growth hormone and stuff like that. Once your physique has more or less stabilized, then will be the time to buy custom clothes. Many, many years ago, when I was about 19 or 20, I inherited a fine wardrobe of a dozen or so suits from a...
That sounds more realistic. About a year ago, one fellow mentioned being given a quote $1,660 for a 2-piece from VBC 110.
I am surprised I missed this the first go-around. The OP's experience with Chan contrasts drastically with what I have experienced on tour, and it is obvious that Patrick Chu was not around. Also, it is interesting that Baroman's prices were now appreciably lower than Chan's. They always had a reputation for being the most expensive tailor in HK. The usual skinny on them was top-notch workmanship but stodgy styling. (Sort of the Oxxford of HK!) I have heard they preferred...
Don't prejudge all "traveling tailors" by these experiences. W.W. Chan and Gordon Yao have excellent reputations, for example, and Hemrajani/MyTailor has a following here as well. Of course, some of the leading Savile Row houses also travel to the States on a limited basis.
I can't comment on shirt pricing, but for tailored items, count on about a 40% to 50% price increase.
^Agree with the foregoing.
I am getting the dual-blade basic model from Dollar Shave Club, the "Humble Twin," as they call it. I have no complaints. The shave seems very comparable to what I was getting with the Gillette Classic 2 (I think they call it). I went to the Dollar Shave Club mostly because Costco stopped stocking the double-blade Gillette disposable and went to a much more expensive three-blade disposable from that firm.In honesty, I would add the caveat that I may not be the best man to...
I guess you've got my number all right! I drive a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 163,000 miles on it at the moment.
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