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SOLD   Hey, I got some Yuketen Angler Mocs last fall, and they fit me just a bit too big. I've decided I should get rid of them because I have never really worn them and have a lot of similar shoes, and due to the sizing, these ones get cut. I am an 8.5 on the brannock, wear 8.5 in Quoddy, and these size 9 Yuketens fit more like a 9.5-10. I've worn them 3-5 times and they are in excellent condition.    They are gorgeous shoes, perfect for summer. Beautiful blue...
I have had a brown 257 for about 2 years now and it looks awesome. I personally don't think the tan ages well for the first few years, it just looks dirty. After you pass that stage, it obviously looks great. 
the bag is made of thick canvas and leather, two heavy items. you can get something cheap which will be lighter, or stick with the filson quality and add ~2 extra pounds to your daily carry. i know what i would do.
  are you sure those are the same bags? because after 2 years, my brown 257 looks exactly like the picture on the left, and my otter duffle looks exactly like the colour on the right
It is a 257, which is what I was talking about originally. I don't have a 256  
The fabric will loosen up and stretch out a bit:    
How the smaller things are organized: -Water bottle and sunglasses in the outer side pouches where the shoulder strap connects to the bag. My water bottle fits in here perfectly. -Bike tire tube and sunscreen inside the inner open-bottom pouches in the middle. -Small bike tools/calculator/energy bar in the inner closed-bottom pouches.   Laptop lives in the furthest rear inner section, notebooks, texts, and paperbacks all in the middle, larger bike tools in the furthest...
Thanks for the advice. I'll do that before I arrive this weekend.   I usually don't keep my 257 very full, but with school picking up the intensity, I had a lot of stuff with me today. Here's today's carry for people still unsure about what size they should get:     -13" Macbook Pro in sleeve (plus charger) -Large hardcover accounting textbook -Medium softcover english textbook -Coil Notebook -Two paperback novels -Water -Sunscreen -Bike repair tools (Extra tube, pump,...
Any people who have visited the factory in Seattle tell me about what it's like? The stitching is coming undone on the side of the 257 around the large ring that you attach the shoulder strap to. I'll be in Seattle next week and would love to get this fixed while I'm there so I don't have to pay to ship it from my home in Canada, and wait for such a simple job.   I doubt this would be possible but hey, you never know. Anyone have any experience with something like...
As a student, I recommend the 257. 256 is probably just too small when you have to bring laptop/notebook/textbooks and other stuff for the day. On my tuesdays last semester, I had 4 classes and was at school for 13 hours. I couldn't even fit everything I needed for the day in the 257, but that was including bringing enough food for two meals.  
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