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where can i find a inexpensive fine gauge turtleneck? would like to wear one with a vest
anybody know where i can get a inexpensive fine gauge turtleneck?? i want to try to wear one with a sportscoat or under a vest.
would the sale be online as well as in stores??
where can i find an affordable navy blue blazer??
only problem is it seems all sportscoats i try on are completely long in the sleeve area.    
would it be hard for a tailor to shorten my sleeves on a sportscoat if the sleeves have functional buttons??also would it be possible to take out a button? i need the sleeves shortened by alot.
beautiful buy at marshalls for me polo ralph lauren scarf for 25$ originally $50 Ralph Lauren peacoat not sure of before price but only paid $100 almost bought a Tumi Tan leather jacket for $200 but wasnt feeling it.
i been wearing my 501's for about a month now, i havent noticed any indigo bleeding out but they are really baggy to me and makes me want to wash them to get them to shrink a bit. would this be smart or should i just wait it out?
which would you cinsider to be more affordable options? this is my first derby and dont want to go crazy if i end up not loving them
what are some brands that carry nice derbys? i always see them on WARWN and want a pair but no luck on them.
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