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what brands can i look at for a nice all weather shell??
about 500 is my limit, i likee that g12
Try to follow a paleo diet. thats the gluten and wheat free thing. I eat like that even at a young age. I feel it helps my athletic performance.
5'10 175lbs
as im balding in the front(think devil horns) i cut it as low as possible without going bald. so about a 1 maybe even lower, jason statham style. looks better for me than being completely bald but letting my hair grow with devil horn bald spots.
im looking to get into the world of photography, just for fun and family stuff since they still believe in disposables, whats a good entry level camera?
navy chinos?? must have or ok without them?
OMG, These are just so goddamn beautiful.    
looking to buy a sportscoat on black friday/Cyber monday, anywhere to look for best deal??? i was thinking maybe J.Crew or Uniqlo, maybe even BR
where can i find fine gauge turtlenecks? inexpensive if possible like >100
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