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Looking into getting my first Barbour jacket but don't know which one. The classic are bedale and beauford. I'm looking for a fall/winter jacket to survive ny crap weather days. Also what is the price range??i can't seem to find it on the site
i tried searching but found nothing or nothing relatively what im looking for, my question is, what is the appeal behind barbour?? im looking into buying one but i seen some people say the jackets smell weird? also there are so many styles what would be right for a east coast fall/winter?
i am looking to start collecting some ties, What are some names i should be looking at and what is a timeless style for ties and what should i stay away from?
Where can I find a good quality tweed sports jacket?
i know its a bit early but can anybody tell me where i can pick up a good cashmere scarf and also maybe a university scarf??? also where is top quality cashmere made?
so i finally decided to not skimp on an all around navy blazer, anybody can tell me where i can get a good one?? under 500 is preferably
hello, everyone, question   Apparently my parents before we all split our home and went our separate ways sold their canon DSLR camera. But they kept the different lenses. So,... anybody know where i can get a cheap Canon DSLR body?? I am photography noob but i can take classes in college once the fall semester starts.
looking for some tassle loafers, relatively low budget say 200 or less, going for a preppy look. can i get any help on where to look for them?  
  anywhere maybe 500 or lower for my first i think is ok
where can i get a nice affordable leather jacket, i tried one on at saks and said i need one.
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