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What's a better jean to buy APC or naked & famous? I am looking to buy a pair or 2. Break them in and just keep those instead o buying 6 pairs of jeans. Also if I'm a size 32 in Levi, what should would I be in the other brands?
what are some nice casual shoes i can get to wear on a everyday or every 2 day basis. anything would do but nothing too expensive. also im a college student. i would like a pair of chelsea boots but also want something more casual. any tips?
should i cop for shit kicker boots?(Wolverine 1000 miles) or i was thinking red wing boots? just need something for the winter, not so much the snow but anything else
whats her blog?
What would be more casual but still tough boots
should i cop?? looking for a nice pair of boots that will last, bought some allsaints one 2 years ago and blah
recommendation for thick knit cardigans or sweaters?
went to barbour today in soho and tried on the bedale, beaufort and sapper. love the bedale and sapper but the soho location doesnt carry the sapper in olive. so i might be getting the bedale
where can i get a good fair isle sweater??
barbour is english cut which is usually boxy. you wont get a taper fit in these coats
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