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Looking for a cold weather boots. I have bean boots an I have leather Chelsea boots. Looking for maybe a danner or wolverine boot, fit my style of raw denim, button downs and chunky sweaters. Thank you
ok so i am a bit confused , i have uniqlo MIJ jeans that measure 32W but when i measure the waist using the measuring chart posted earlier i get 17.5 which is 35. so does that mean that i sized down 3? im just trying to get better info before i order my weird guys.
yea i emailed blue owl about there N&F weird guys and the guy said a 31 wouldnt do much on the presoak but would stretch back out to a 32.5-33. im a solid 32, im wondering if i should size down to a 30
Update. I went to blueingreen soho. Oh god big mistake. While they were very helpful and very attentative, I was a bit confused since everything had the TTS size but they said its tagged as the size it will shrink too. Also the prices were a little high for me. I mean I understand quality raw denim is expensive but 350 is kind of steep for my first pair I think unless it will last me for 5 years and still look great and not rip open. Anybody think it will be worth it to...
Well I'm on blue owl and they say N&F 30 is actually 32.5 which is what I'll get. Take a pic when I get it and post a pic. I wear 32-33 depending on the brand. Do I want to wear something that is hard to button?
So if I'm a size 33 I should buy a tag size of 31??
Can anybody answer my post from above
Can anybody tell me what shoes these are? Also maybe an affordable style? Like AE price or around there. http://cdn02.cdn.justjared.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/craig-esquire/daniel-craig-esquire-august-2011-01.jpg
I wear a 32 or 33 waist in Levi's. what should I go for in N&F and A.P.C? I want a slim fit not skinny. I also have an athletic body so bigger hips and thigh area. Anybody know what size and what style to get in these companies?
Where can I pickup APC or N&F jeans in NYC?
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