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i usually do
love the list just would like to know on average how many pants to own? also be alittle more specific on neckties. i love thin ties, also maybe some nice brands for the shoes would be nice. i guess just brands for everything, gap or banana would be better since i get 50% off there since a family member works there. also i usually wear slim fit clothing since it fits me better. any brands that usually make slim fitting clothes would be nice.
hello all, i have made and posted in some threads here already but about 2-3 days old in these forums & i can tell you already i love the knowledge i have already. Also I am 23, 5'11 170Lbs. Athletic body type. i want to keep my outfits to dressy casual, nothing business heavy as i do not need to wear suits at all yet except formal events.   i have pretty much threw out my old closet and drawers reason being i look like a highschool douche & because i lost about 2...
I have a pair of twill jeans, what is the best way to wash them? same as denim?
cashmeres have different colors than the merino wool's. the cashmeres go for 100 each. very nice, i might pick me up the purple or orange.
i meant more along the lines of the X line or one of the others  
is there anyway like maybe a calendar or something of that nature to see when stores are having sales?? i would love to buy my first suit and several other things.
which CK are we talking about?>?
Hey all, im very new to.SF. Im looking for some new.boxer briefs, I usually have used AE and.h&m but the quality isnt great. I am wondering what are some high quality brands thatlast. I found 2xist but was wondering if there any other brands out there worth looking ay
hell all, i am very new dressing up(deciding to get rid of the douchebaggery & grow up). my question is i am interested in this pair of shoes as my 1st pair now i mostly wear cashmere sweaters or button downs in colors like Navy, Beige, Black, Brown. besides the brown would those brown shoes be able to go with the other colors as well?? would it be wise to step up into the upper echelon of shoes as well? maybe...
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