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What shoe should I go with? Brand wise, Allen Edmonds or Grenson? Looking to get me a black cap toe and a casual shoe
i wear a 31 in WG a little loost at the wait but my thighs are big enough where it doesnt really make sense to size down again. im interested in going for a slim guy to taper the leg opening a bit, what size should i get in Slim guy?
Where can I get a good quality tweed blazer around 300 if possible
where can you get your barbour taken in?? i dont see it on the website
for anyone interested in liners, Orvis usually does a sale around Xmas, they have good prices on barbour jackets and liners
i always look for camp sock i think is what your talking about. J.Crew has a bunch for like 10 bucks a pair. if not LL Bean definitely has them. 
love the grey speckled scarf
im having the same problem as you, i am a 32 and bought a 31, i think that you maybe should try 2 down, it may be impossible to button at first but should stretch , you can button all you can and leave the top one open. walk around the house and it should stretch like that. my 31's are tight in the thigh area but loose in the waist, im hoping a soak will shrink it down closer but i am beginning to think i shouldve sized down 2 instead of one.
what are a good casual pair of AE shoes? something i can wear to go out but also go roam around college in>?
What's funny is that I went back to the exact page with one click. Which did you end up buying? I was leaning towards the quilted but when I called up my local Barbour store, they said the pile was warmer but also I don't know if I would like the look of the pile or te feel of it
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