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Looking for some new boots, I have some boots from allsaints but i would like a tougher pair. What is the tougher boot that i should be looking for?
I like J.crew or bonobos
I been on a bespoke basics sort of trip. Slow fashion movement. I would like to purchase a pair of wool grey trousers. If anybody knows of a good place in ny or an online retailor, please let me know.
hey all, been here for a while now. I bought a pair of N&F weird guys. the size at the waist is a little big but they fit tight in the crotch and thigh area. they taper very well also. I do lift weights and have bigger thighs than most of the pics i see on SWD. Is there any fit or brands of denim that is more suited to guys with bigger thighs?
like the outfits but im not a fan of those really short sleeves on the jacket in the first picture. i feel it just makes you look like a primate.
i asked about caring for the long branch and its so many pages behind that i couldnt find an answer. They are the brown grain leather long branch. I love the boots and plan to wear them out but as they are rugged sole, they can take a little more of a beating but i would like to not destroy the leather. should they be cared for the same way my AE strands are or differently because of the leather?
i just bought the AE long branch. Should i treat them even though they are more of a rugged boot? shine them and everything like i would my strands?
hello all, i am looking to buy a black pair of shoes/boots. i was looking at the park ave as AE doesnt seem to carry chelsea boots. i was to wear for dressy as well as casual(family holidays, work) should i go with the chelsea or will park ave be fine. 
anybody know a good brand around $400 so i can pick up a pair of chelsea boots or anything casual?
well im looking for some boots or maybe some black cap-toes as i said. i dont see nice boots from AE. around 350 is my budget, 24 yrs old, i dont have many shoes, just merlot mcalisters. also where can i get some good chelsea boots? AE doesnt seem to have any? i have read grensons quality has gone down hill
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